Monday, March 1, 2021

A Little Indoor Fun

This past weekend we took the horses down to the indoor in pairs to let them stretch their legs a bit.  With all the snow we've had they basically just stand around and eat hay out of the hay baskets and are generally "pasture potatoes."  They may occasionally mosey to another field, only to find there's still snow there too. Then turn around and come back ever hopeful that tomorrow there will be grass.  

This video is of Hanz and Sami.  Sami got a little snorty and nervous but he did get some exercise.  He's like the little kid that doesn't want to let go of your hand at the playground.  Sami likes to be on the lead line and directed.  He kept coming over to me and then running to the door asking if we could go home yet. 

"Hanz & Sami"
Next we brought down Blue and Rosie, this is about as excited as they got:
Blue stopped in front of the jumps then decided to go around each one

"This looks like work"

"Nope, not falling for that"

"Just moseying around"

"No Rosie you can't eat that!" Rosie: "Well it looks like grass but has no taste"
Rosie followed me over all the jumps and wherever I went.  It was like having a shadow. She even trotted over a few. Good girl Rosie!

"Whew! That was quite a workout!"

And Blue still retains his title as this barns laziest horse with his daily 11 a.m. nap.

Quote for Today
 Our perfect companions never have fewer than four feet.

Sunday, January 31, 2021