Friday, March 26, 2021

Happy Birthday Blue

"Mr. Blue"


Today is Blue’s 24th Birthday. We’ve had him since he was a youngster of 4 years old. How time flies. What can I say about Blue that I haven’t already said? Blue is one in a million. He can be stubborn and grumpy, but he also has the ability to make us laugh all the time with his antics. There has never been a horse we’ve known who is as funny as Blue. Let’s not forget how smart he is, like the time he knew I was going to ride him, so he hid behind the run-in shed and peeked out once in a while to see if I could find him. Or how he refuses to let anyone interrupt his daily naps. This would include being braided at a show while lying down or having the vet administer shots in the same prone position. Blue marches to his own drummer and doesn’t let anyone stop him from doing what he wants. A horse with a mind of his own, he’s always been Mr. Personality! 

He’s showing his age a bit with arthritic hocks and Cushing’s, and he is slowing down a bit, but he’s still our Mr. Cool Dude. Happy Birthday to one of the best horses we’ve ever had the privilege to serve. 


I think we should rename this  celebration: "The Festival of Perpetual Treats"

Quote for Today 

On the first day god created horses, and on the second day he painted the good ones.


  1. Happy birthday, Mr Blue! You have the best servants a horse could wish for. Here’s to many more golden years together!

  2. Happy birthday, Blue! What a handsome guy and clearly the king of personality and antics. May his day be wonderful!

  3. He is such a handsome guy - Happy Birthday, Blue!!

  4. Awwww, I love Blue! Wish I could meet him in person. Please give Mr. Personality a birthday hug, 'er carrot for me. Such a fitting quote for your handsome boy. Nice photos, he is so photogenic!! Happy Birthday Blue, wishing you many many more years of not letting anyone change the beat to your drum <3

  5. OMG - the Festival of Perpetual Treats - so perfect. Happy Birthday to Mr. Blue. I've thoroughly enjoyed reading over the years, about how he has his life rigged up exactly how he likes it!

    1. Thanks everyone! Blue has us all well trained so he basically has a pretty good gig going for him.

  6. Oh no, I'm late to the party (story of my life!) Happy belated birthday Blue!!! Hope you enjoyed your special day with lots of treats and wishing you many more to come - years and treats :)
    'Festival of Perpetual Treats' - love it!


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