Thursday, March 26, 2015

Happy Birthday Mr. Blue

I hope this video works, I've been having trouble with it.

It’s that time of year again when we get to wish Blue “Happy Birthday.”  He is now eighteen years old.  We’ve had this wonderful horse since he was an amusing four year old. 

I don’t think there is much more I can say about Blue that I haven’t already said. Blue has a special place in my heart and always will. He is one of those extraordinary horses that will bring a smile to your heart when you are around him.  He has a personality that is so unique it would be an understatement to say he is quite a character.
I would also add that he is more affectionate to his humans than he is to his herd members. He’s always been a bit of a loner and seems to relate to people more than other horses. Maybe its because humans may be harboring treats. You never know when a carrot or apple will appear! So after a full day of searching for that elusive blade of perfect grass he’s more than willing to suffer through hugs and ear rubs.

Quote for Today
The love for a horse is just as complicated as the love for another human being...If you never love a horse, you will never understand.

Monday, March 9, 2015

Things Are Looking Up

Yesterday we had a bit of a warm up in the weather department, got to the mid 40's.  It's sad when that feels like a heat wave.  The clocks were set to an hour ahead. I love that it is staying lighter longer.  Can Spring be far behind? I took some pictures because there's not much else to do right now around the farm. Gunnar is growing, he's now four months old and forty pounds.  He's got a very curious personality, which does get him into trouble sometimes. But he's smart and is learning quickly where to go and what to do around the horses.
" Hi guys, wanna play"

"Will you be my friend"
"Now where did that little pest go"

"I'll just have to show him who's boss, the hissing and growling oughta do it"

Donnie and Sami watching Gunnar's antics and not impressed much

"He's okay Sami he's just a baby and he's kinda cute"

"Wonder what happens if I just grab this thing and pull"

"Ha, ha, got your glove"

" You better give that back little guy"

"NEVER!" They have to catch me first!"
Quote for Today
Saving one dog will not change the world,
but surely for that one dog, the world will change forever. 

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

The Woes of Winter


  As everyone knows it’s been a hellish winter with ridiculously low temps and lots of snowfall.  Haven’t been able to do anything with the horses except groom occasionally. I think they spend their days trying to keep warm by eating as much hay as possible. We've got a hay delivery on the way so we don't run out and they can keep munching to their hearts content. They are so bored I feel sorry for them.

It’s been so frigid that four out of six automatic waterers in the barn froze along with the water in the tack room.  So the bucket brigade from the house to the barn was in full force for a while.  The lines did un-freeze for a day but then refroze again the next day.  We were lucky that we were able to get the tack room sink pipes thawed so it’s much easier to fill the buckets at night. The puzzling part of the waterers is that the heaters are still working. So in our infinite wisdom of “all things concerning plumbing” we’ve decided that the pipes in the ground must have frozen in the extreme cold. 

Since there is no way to control the weather I’m of the opinion that we just go with the flow and keep hoping for an early Spring.  It’s got to get here sooner or later.

Here are some pictures of life around here lately:
These three cardinals show up everyday for some seed and suet
It can be lonely and cold waiting for a turn at the food in a snowstorm
 "I'm looking at you. You looking at me?"
Gunnar taking a nap. Yes, he's cute...if you like cute!
I don't know what animal made these footprints outside the back door...and I don't want to meet it either!

 Quotes for Today:

February is merely as long as is needed to pass the time until March.
J.R. Stockton

Monday, February 9, 2015

Snowy Humor

As I sit here watching the snow falling day after day I realized I could use a little humor to brighten the dismal atmosphere of our gray days. Hope you get a chuckle out of some of the cartoons I found.

Saturday, January 10, 2015

A New Addition To The Farm

On December 30 my daughter was driving home from work when the car in front of her swerved into the other lane to avoid something in the road.  She realized it was a puppy and stopped, put her flashers on and got out of the car to pick him up so a car wouldn’t hit him.  Some cars behind her stopped and a woman got out to help her.  She noticed a grown dog in the woods on the side of the road and tried to reach that dog too but it ran away.  After she got the pup in the car she knocked on a few doors and asked if anyone knew who the puppy belonged to but no one did.  Since it was getting dark she took him home with her.
No leash yet but a scarf will do in a pinch

His first night out of the woods and cold weather

The next day, New Year’s Eve, she brought him to our vet to have him checked out.  The vet thinks he’s about 10 weeks old.  He was covered in mud and ticks and was very thin.  He has a bit of a head tilt and the vet thinks it likely a car hit him.  The vet called the dog warden because that’s the rule when you find a pup.  They kept him at the clinic for further tests for two nights and my daughter visited him each day to play with him.  He loves belly rubs by the way.
At the clinic sleeping like a baby after a therapeutic belly rub
When his time was up at the clinic the warden took him home with her. There is a certain time frame that they need to keep found puppies to make sure they’re not stolen or the owners don’t want them back. The warden was given three other puppies from this litter that were found on Christmas Eve on the same highway. Seems the heartless   “loving” owners didn’t want any of the puppies back that they let loose to fend for themselves.  They’ve all since found good loving homes. 
Snuggling with his sister at the dog wardens
After the allotted time my daughter was allowed to adopt this cute little guy. She hasn’t even thought of getting another dog since her Molly died a few years ago.  Molly was a rescue dog and my daughter always said when the time was right she would get another rescue but the dog would have to find her or pick her like Molly did.  I think this little guy fits the criteria perfectly. 
On his way home!
The best we can figure is this poor little guy was fending for himself out in the cold and the woods for a week after his brothers and sisters were found.  He’s tough to have survived.  He might have had some help from the adult dog who we found out was his father, the one my daughter saw running away in the woods.  So dad was most likely helping to keep him alive. We’ve learned that the mom is a Labrador and dad is a Great Pyrenees.  Looks like this little guy takes after dad.
Settling In

Gunnar likes to spend his free time relaxing on the couch watching TV

I think his favorite show is "Lucky Dog Ranch"

He’s very sweet and happy but a little shy sometimes.  Who can blame him?  My daughter named him Gunnar.  The  name means “warrior.”  Gunnar had to be a little warrior and adventurer to survive in the woods and on the roads for so long by himself.  

Quote for Today
Oh the saddest of sights in a world of sin
is the little lost pup with his tail tucked in.

Arthur Guiterman

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Happy New Year!

 "Happy New Year"

2015  Celebrates "The Year Of The Sheep"

Quote for the New Year

It's never too 
late to be
what you might 
have been.

George Eliot

Monday, December 22, 2014