Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving

" Happy Thanksgiving"

I would like to take a moment to thank you all for your kind words and heartfelt sympathies on my loss of Dusty. It was appreciated more than you know. 

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with family and friends.

falling leaves
hide the path
so quietly
~John Bailey~

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Goodbye Sweet Girl



Moon’s Stardust
“ Dusty “
July 8, 1996 – November 9, 2015

My sweet girl Dusty passed on Monday November 9.

Thursday night she didn’t want to come in even though everyone else was already in the barn.  Went out and found her and brought her in.  The next morning she was lying down and had no manure in her stall so we called the vet.  The examination determined that she had an impaction.  We then took her to the clinic where they put her on an IV and Bannamine.  She needed to be hydrated and have something for the pain and inflammation.  Saturday came and she lay down and got up a lot but no manure.  She was very uncomfortable but didn’t complain at all.  Dusty was a very stoic mare. Saturday night she passed three very small manure piles.  Sunday they did an ultrasound and saw the impaction or a mass with all the fluid in front of it.  She seemed a lot brighter and I took her for a short walk.  We were all waiting for her basically to have a huge poop. Monday morning I got the call that she was going downhill fast, her white cell count was 140,000 and she was not doing well.  The surgeon said she either needed to be put down or go into surgery to remove the impaction but he was concerned it could also be a tumor.  He needed to go in and see what it was.  By the time I got there she was in surgery. He came out to tell me that it was a tumor and it was restricting the blood flow to her colon and her colon was basically dead.   After a conversation about what was best for Dusty at this point we decided to let her go.  I went in to see her on the operating table, she was still alive but under anesthesia.  I gave her a kiss on the nose goodbye and rubbed her chest.  I don’t think she knew I was there but hope she knows she didn’t die alone and that she was loved.  

Dusty and I have been together since she was a feisty five years old.  In the fourteen years we spent with each other we had a lot of fun.  She could be very opinionated and occasionally exasperating but we always worked it out between us.  Dusty was the safest horse I’ve ever ridden; she didn’t have a spook in her, because she was fearless and tougher than anything around, in her mind anyway. Dusty was always willing to learn new things and never said no to a new experience. She was adventurous and smart.  Dusty could be very sweet too. She tolerated my hugs and kisses and would sometimes groom me back during her grooming sessions. Dusty was my special girl and I loved her. I will definitely miss her attitude and wonderful personality.

I wanted you to stay but knew you had to leave.
You will never be forgotten.
You will live in my heart always.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

News In A Nutshell

Love the Autumn colors viewed from the patio

Last Thursday our vet came to give the herd their Fall shots.  He checked out Dusty’s leg issues and came to the conclusion that she had suffered a slight flare up of laminitis in her left front.  She’s been on Bute for a week and today is her last day.  She seems to be walking much better and is allowed out with the herd.  Grady had a growth removed from his third eyelid and the vet took it to the clinic for a biopsy.  The growths in his sheath weren’t removed. No treatment for now and he will check back and see how that is progressing.  Grady has had a course of five days of SMZ’s plus twice a day eye medication.  He’s not a good patient and it’s almost impossible to get the eye cream in his eye.  When an 18 hand horse throws his head up in the air and you’re 5’5” there’s not a shot of reaching that eye.  So I’ve resorted to some very quick slight of hand trickery.  I quickly squeeze the cream into his eye as I slide the fly mask off over his ears.

" O'Grady"

The herd has decided that since the weather is cooler now and there are virtually no flies or bugs to bother them that they would rather stay out than come in at night.  If they are not up by 8:00, they stay out.  I can’t keep going out and checking for them all night and they know the rules.  In by dark or not in at all.  Last Saturday was the last time they came in until last night when they finally decided to grace me with their presence.

Luckily, the herd comes up in the morning for their breakfast buffet of hay and I was able to bring Dusty and Grady in for their medications.  Yesterday when they didn’t show up,  I finished up some work around the house and barn then took a drive down to the back field to check on them.  I was parked in the driveway outside the pasture and everything seemed to be fine until I noticed a horse in the riding arena.   We have a combination lock on the gate and I couldn’t see the tiny numbers on the bottom without my reading glasses and I don’t do Braille.  I had two options 1) climb over the fence or 2) go under it.  I opted  for scooching under it.


This is at one end of the arena and they jump down to get in there

Turns out it was Mellon who got himself stuck in the arena. Some of the horses like to jump down into the arena but not out of it, except for Nate, but that’s another story.  They use that arena as their personal playpen.  With the rubber footing a good roll is like getting a full body curry.  With the gate closed Mellon considered himself trapped.  When he saw me walking down there and his friends about to flat leave him he started running the fence.  I was surprised he got himself into this mess and couldn’t jump out.  In his day he was one hell of a jumper to say the least.  But, I guess time retired and aging takes its toll on all of us.  Once I released the cracken he galloped off to join his herd.  Looking very good for a horse that is between 28-30 years old none the worse for wear.  So except for a slightly sweaty Mellon and a dirty butt on my part everything turned out alright.  Never a dull moment when dealing with a herd of horses!

Until next time

Quote For Today
Horses are predictably unpredictable.
Loretta Gage

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Another Mystery Injury



Dusty has something going on with her back leg.  It took us about twenty minutes to get her into the barn from the second paddock as she needed to stop and take rests before continuing. We’ve been putting ice packs on and therapeutic wraps during the day and night.  It’s hard to pinpoint whether it’s a mild tendon or suspensory tear or if she might have bruised or strained it being out at night.  She’s not lame and is walking okay but it seems to hurt her to stand on it for very long.  Once she had a night of rest and some bute she seemed better.  She’s been spending her time alone in the small paddock and also at night in the barn.  She doesn’t mind, even if everyone flat-left her.  She’s been getting plenty of treats and attention, which she doesn’t mind at all.  The vet is due to come this week for fall shots so I’ll have him take a look at her if she’s still not 100% by then.  If she gets worse I’ll have him come out sooner.

On Sunday I finally managed to get a ride on Blue.  It’s been a long hot summer and neither the horses nor I felt like riding.  The weather has turned cooler and it’s just perfect now.  Blue was just being Blue, so we walked and practiced our rein aids on circles and bends a bit.  It’s amazing how just over a few months Blue has yet again forgotten how to steer--or for that matter walk--under saddle.  He is possibly the laziest horse I’ve ever known.  If he were going any slower we would have been standing still.  The poor thing; I mean he’s only had the whole summer off!  Hopefully, once he gets back in a program the energy should surface again....

Until next time

Quote for Today
 No hour of life is wasted that is spent in the saddle.  ~Winston Churchill
No hour of life is wasted that is spent in the saddle.

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No hour of life is wasted that is spent in the saddle.

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Sunday, September 20, 2015

Spa Day

I said I’d be back in September and although a little late I made it with time to spare.  Yesterday all seven horses took advantage of the menu below:


(Please deposit all beans in bucket, as Gunnar will eat anything disgusting!)
(They took full advantage of this option)
(I’m happy to report all were well behaved and enjoyed apples after their spa treatment)

There hasn’t been much going on riding wise as I’ve been busy with other farm work. The weather throughout August was so hot and humid that neither the horses nor I felt like riding and dealing with the temperatures or the bugs.  I think the weather is on the turn to the cooler side now and plan on riding a lot more.  Autumn is my favorite season and I think the horses enjoy it too.  They seem to like the cooler nights because they’ve opted to stay out instead of coming in for dinner most of this past week.

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Quote for Today
Grooming: the process by which the dirt on the horse is transferred to the groom.

Thursday, July 30, 2015

See You In September

I’ll be taking the month of August off from posting.  I like to call it a mental health break!  There’s really nothing much going on right now.  The horses are having some time off until the temperatures and humidity cool down a bit.  The truth is I’m not a summer person and can’t convince myself to ride in the extreme heat we’re having right now.  And I’m sure they don’t want a saddle pad, saddle and person on their back making them even hotter than they are.

" The Clown Shed"

The herd has been spending most of their time in what I call the “clown shed.”  It reminds me of the clown cars at the circus.  All seven of them squeeze in there and take turns rotating under the two ceiling fans like a carousel.  This boggles my mind because they have access to a much larger shed with a fan nearer the waterers they could use.  So if they split up between the two they would be much more comfortable.  Oh well, who knows what goes through their minds.

Have a great August I’ll see you soon!

Until next time

Quote for Today
It ain’t the heat, it’s the humility.
Yogi Berra 

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Another Birthday

Well, today is my birthday.  No big deal I've had plenty of them and normally don't celebrate with a post.  However, this year I wanted to share some fun cards I received.  Hope you find them as amusing as I did.

Until next time

Quote for Today
 How old would you be if you didn't know how old you were? ~Satchel Paige