Friday, September 21, 2012

Cartoons for Twisted People

I received this in an email and thought I'd share. I think by the end of the week everyone needs a little humor in their life. I know I do...

 ...if you don't pass this along,
a dog will visit your computer...
guess you didn't send it fast enough...


                       ...we'll be old friends until we are aged and senile...
                         ...then we'll be new friends every day thereafter...

Until next time


  1. ha ha those were cute i used to love getting those e-mails but have since changed companies and now i dont get them anymore.

  2. Thanks for the laughs. Those were fun!

  3. Again...thanks for the giggle!

  4. Husband and I both had a good laugh at those! Thanks!

  5. Thanks for the great laughs! Originals indeed! Have a great weekend and thank you for a great blog!

  6. What a crack-up! Thanks for the laughs!

  7. Eheheh, some very clever cartoons in there :)

  8. So funny, I'm still laughing at the first one!

  9. I turn 76 today (8-16-16), a happy old dog myself who loves to laugh -- and your cartoons are great. I always share them with my oldster friends when I receive them as emails. Thanks for your work.


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