Sunday, January 30, 2011

Revisiting Commitment

" Dusty "

" Blue "

 With snow storms rolling in here every few days and hammering us with inches upon inches of cold white misery, it has been hard to stay committed and consistent in my riding.  I realized the other day while watching more inches accumulate that without commitment and consistent riding both the horses and I will most likely fall behind in our training goals.  My mantra  “nothing good comes without commitment and consistency” has been on the back burner lately.
This was disheartening until the proverbial light bulb moment hit me… I have no goals on the high priority agenda!  Whew, that was a relief.  Here I was beating myself up for not getting out there in the finger-numbing, toe-freezing cold, tacking up and continuing our training.  Since I have no real goals to speak of other than getting Dusty, Blue and myself going correctly and in some semblance of riding fitness, I’m home free.  Not forever, but just until I feel the commitment burr under my saddle spurring me on to get things done.
I’ve had a meeting with myself and revisited my mind, which can be a scary place under normal circumstances.  Being a semi-perfectionist, my brain under stress is intimidating to say the least.  When I originally started riding Dusty I toyed with the whimsical idea of perhaps taking her to a show or two.  I’ve since decided against that for the foreseeable future.  Although, it’s something that might seem like fun occasionally, for the time being I’ve decided I simply can’t do it all again.  Getting to the barn at 3-4 a.m., braiding, bathing, driving to the show, waiting around, schooling, waiting around, heat, humidity, flies, filthy port-a-potties, toxic horse show food, annoying people, packing up, driving home, unloading, cleaning out the trailer etc.  That’s just not fun for me anymore, if it ever was.
So even as a former perfectionist I’m thinking as long as I keep my goals simple:
1.       Keep training as consistently as I feel like it
2.       Have fun with the horses
3.       Trail ride as much as possible and enjoy nature
It gives my psyche a huge stamp of approval to remember that the quality of time I spend riding or interacting with the horses is just as important as the quantity of time spent.  And I’ve given myself permission to get to it when I can; and when I can’t, it will be acceptable knowing that in the warmer weather we’ll make up for what we missed now.  I’m sure Dusty and Blue couldn’t care less whether they are ridden or longed so long as they are still given treats and hugs for nothing more than being the good-natured treat monsters they are. 
Until next time

Quote for Today
Horses are the most agreeable friends. They ask no questions, they pass no criticisms.

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