Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Opened the Door

this morning and what to my wondering eyes did appear but a snowy winter wonderland covering the landscape!  We have the distinction of being the county hit the hardest in our area.  27 inches so far and it’s still flurrying now and again. Yeah, we win!  Too bad the prize isn’t exactly what I wanted to be awarded today. It’s my own fault for jinxing us.  On Christmas day I remarked how we hadn’t had too bad a winter yet, no snow and warm temperatures. Should have kept my mouth shut.

We’ve now had three substantial storms in as many weeks.  I have nothing against snow, it’s white, it's pretty, it’s twinkly in the sun; it makes everything look spotless and pristine.  What I’m tired of is feeling as if I’m living in a snow globe and the snow gods keep turning me upside down and shaking.  

"How do you expect us to get out there for our morning "?!!

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