Saturday, January 8, 2011


It’s a new year and to my way of thinking it may make me feel better to de-clutter my personal space. I’m not talking about organizing my junk drawers, shedding those unused clothes and accessories, finally biting the bullet and cleaning out the bursting-at-the-seams basement or even organizing the barn.

I was thinking more in the way of de-cluttering our minds.  We get so bogged down with what needs to be done in our horse lives vs. personal lives.  There are so many obligations to be honored in both. Wouldn’t it be great to put it all on a back burner and simply go with the flow of living every day like our horses do?  I’m sure my herd isn’t worrying about the hay delivery tomorrow or whether they’re going on a trail ride or lessons will be the order of the day.  Horses take it as it comes and deal with it.  It’s one of the reasons I admire them so much; they really can and do live in the moment.  A healthy dose of horse sense could work for us all.

Clutter equals stress.  So where do we start simplifying our minds?  A good place to start would be learning to let go of all the unnecessary worries we bog ourselves down with and try to organize our time and our minds.  I’m going to try and take some leisure time for myself everyday; not much, just 15 minutes or so to de-stress and de-clutter my mind of nonsense and stress.  By pursuing an activity (and it could be nothing but vegging out in a chair) or taking a half hour to exercise or write a little perhaps would be conducive to mentally sweeping the cobwebs out of my brain and lead to more productivity and creativity.

New Year’s resolutions don’t work for me and I’m not going to start thinking up goals to be accomplished for myself.  However, I’m caving a little and thinking of de-cluttering my desk and organizing my workspace.  Not exactly a big goal, but then you’ve never seen my desk!  If I can find something I’m looking for at a glance or on the first try, I’ll be ahead of the game.  So it’s one small step for desk space and one giant step for de-clutter and de-stressing.  I’ve always thought that the mind is a terrible thing to clutter with nonsense.  Hopefully, I’ll find a way to simplify!  Come to think of it I think, I will order that plaque… “SIMPLIFY.”

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Quote for Today
All I pay my psychiatrist is cost of feed and hay, and he'll listen to me any day!

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