Monday, September 27, 2010

Dusty's Foot

" signs of trauma where the coffin bone rotated downward toward the sole"

"with pressure the bruised areas leak a bit of blood and serum, but luckily are no longer active or painful"

[picture of cornet band:] our questions about whether this was a recent rotation or an old founder combined with a stone bruise were answered when this deep groove began to grown down from the coronet; the amount of growth corresponds with when her lameness began, and clearly shows a brief period of compromised circulation in the area during the episode.

Our farrier was here on Thursday and while he was working on Dusty’s feet we managed to take some pictures of what’s been going on with her. It’s not a pretty picture but, now that she has her natural balance shoes and pads, her soles aren’t bothering her at all. She is sound and wants to get back to work, to the point that when she sees me she will actually come over to the gate to be caught. 

After her shoeing it was recommended that she shouldn’t be ridden for 48 hours and then only light work on Saturday.  So that’s what we did.  Saturday she walked a lot of patterns, practiced her softening and bending and learned how to turn on the haunches.  We did some trotting of figure eights and called it a day.  Even with an injury like Dusty’s it’s still possible to ride and train, and we went back to easy basics to reinforce her previous lessons.  She was a good girl, as usual, and more than willing to do anything as long as she could get back to work. 

Sunday, she was going to work again but circumstances on my end prevented us from riding.  My son called to say my daughter–in-law was in labor and I went to their home to watch my 2-year-old grandson.  I’m happy to report that we now have another grandson who is a happy healthy newborn.  I may be busy for a few weeks and not able to devote any time to blogging.  Enjoy the autumn weather and I wish many good rides for all my blogging friends. See you soon.

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