Thursday, September 30, 2010

Time for Change

Nuno Oliveira

Phillipe Karl

Dressage:Equilibrium Through Horses Blog
“starts a revolution”

I’ve recently become aware of the lthorse blog through another blog, Transition To Harmony. Lthorse left this comment on my FEI presidency post:

“I know that Rolkur has been the hot topic of late, but in general, the whole picture of dressage has changed. We have strayed so far from the classical ideals that many folks out there are not really sure what that means anymore. I am doing a series of posts on my blog on this very subject.

I am developing a mailing list of like-minded rider/trainers/competitors who are passionate about preserving the principles of classical dressage. Check out my posts, and if you like what you read, I hope you will help me to promote it. My goal is 100 subscribers initially:

I’m happy to help lthorse promote her newsletter and her principles of classical dressage.  Perhaps if we get a ground-swell movement going we can make a difference. The art of classical dressage is in jeopardy today and most importantly the horses need to get back to being treated humanely and ridden correctly.  If you think you might be interested check out her blog today. 

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Quote for Today
(Copied from lthorse blog post today)
 “Modern training methods too easily ignore the horse’s natural way of moving not without undesirable results (The Walk-The Most Difficult Gait, Dressage and CT, July 1991 by Egon Von Neindorff).”

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