Saturday, September 25, 2010

FEI Presidency Up For Grabs

I just read this article in the NY Times and thought it would be interesting to dressage enthusiasts. After glancing at the web sites of the men vying for the presidency I have no real opinion on who would be best suited for the job. Neither site had any comments on their position on Rollkur or the new LDR that I could find. However,  the candidate from the Netherlands has a letter of reference from Anky herself, so I'm a little suspect of him. The candidate from Sweden has all the usual "change for the better" politics as does the candidate from the Netherlands. Since it's all politics as usual I think it's hard to believe anyone will do a better job than in previous years. You'll have to read the article for yourself and form your own opinions.

My personal preference would be to nominate a man like Philippe Karl, who has demonstrated a commitment to horsemanship that promotes total respect of the horse and rejects the use of force or other inhumane methods.

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