Monday, June 7, 2010

This & That

This & That

Over the weekend Dusty and I took a spin around the ring and had a wonderful lesson.  It would have been even better had the thermometer not hovered close to 90 with at least 85% humidity.  We didn’t ride for very long but we did have a major breakthrough: Dusty has now settled down and stepped off on the correct lead for her canter transition in both directions.  She did quite a nice balanced flowing canter and came up through her back and was actually taking the bit softly.  It sort of felt like we were gliding along, bending perfectly on the circle.  Good girl, Dusty!  Thank you for being such a smart and willing student.
Of course, even though we didn’t ride for very long, we still had the pleasure of ringing out every article of clothing we wore that day.  In case Mother Nature is listening, I was under the impression it is not supposed to be this hot and miserable until the dog days of August. Please get your act together soon or I’ll have to consider moving to a colder climate.

Below are some pictures of Dusty after her bath modeling her new Shimmer Weave Farnam Fly Mask with the faux cheetah trim.  Sami is glad it’s not ‘cougar’ trim or he might be in trouble from an older lady like Dusty, since he considers himself the young stud around here.
These little baby turkeys and their mama showed up yesterday, luckily I was able to snap a few pictures before she herded them back into the woods.  I counted nine and will be keeping an eye out for them every day.  I’m hoping the foxes and coyotes around here are well fed.
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Quote for Today
There are many wonderful places in the world, but one of my favorite places is on the back of my horse.     - Rolf Kopfle

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