Sunday, March 29, 2009

A Delightful Romp

A Delightful Romp

In celebration of the arrival of Spring, we decided to let the herd have a romp in the riding field before we set up jumps and the dressage arena. The snow is gone and the footing is firm. Some of these horses have only seen the riding field from the other side of their paddock fences. The few who are ridden have been in the field but only under saddle. They had quite an adventure and got the chance to shake off the winter blues. Hope you enjoy the show.

' Fun Day '

' Sammi & Donnie '

' Donnie'

' Sweetie'

' Sweetie' leading the charge

' Nate'

' Blue'

' Mellon '
Looking good for a 21-22 year old!

'Dusty' Look at that trot!

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Quote for Today

A little horseplay... the way best to enjoy a spring day!

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