Sunday, December 7, 2008

More Awards!

Share the Light Award

I have recently been honored with two more awards. The first is from Cactus Jack Splash. Cactus Jack is a wonderful Appaloosa, who is currently teaching his DOR (dope on a rope) how to become a better horse person. This award is very special to me; after all, it is the first award I’ve received from an actual horse! Thank you Cactus Jack Splash, I am truly privileged to receive this award from such a clever horse. This award was created to share the light and inspire others. Sharing the light is simple and costs nothing and by inspiring others, it adds goodness in this world and encourages others on their journeys.
So share this award, as I will with the people who inspire those around them and Share the Light.

Callie at Midwest Horse because she has a great perspective on life in general

Victoria at
Teachings of the Horse for her terrific insights into her horses and for sharing the deeper meanings of things horses teach us.

DeeJ. at Oak In the Seed because this award just seems tailor made for her.

Paint Horse Award

Lisa at Laughing Orca Ranch has awarded me with the Paint Horse Award. Thank you Lisa, you must know how much I love paint horses. I think most of the bloggers with paint horses have already received this award, and if you haven’t please feel free to take it for your own and pass it on.

I’m sure everyone knows we have a paint horse named Blue. Very original
name, since he has one beautiful blue eye. Blue is an enigma wrapped in a mystery. He is inquisitive yet lazy. Blue can get into more trouble on his own than any horse on the property. Most times you can find Blue off by himself, thinking of things to explore next. We always joke that he needs a blanket with the logo ‘Lone Horse’ or ‘Mr. Cool’. Normally he keeps to himself and doesn’t interact with the other horses except to harass them. Biloxi Blue would like to be a lone backyard horse where a little girl could spoil him all day. He just seems to prefer humans to horses. Obviously, we all love him, even with his odd personality.

We had another paint horse named ‘Lifeguard’. Lifeguard was hands down the best horse any of us have ever had the privilege to know. He was a unique horse and there will never be another to fill his hooves. There is not enough space here to expound on all his virtues or his antics . I could fill a book with Lifeguard stories. For now, I will just tell you the curious way he got the name ‘Lifeguard’. His very squishy soft pink nose would sunburn and blister in the summer months. Years ago, there was no such thing as sun
block but there was a white cream used by lifeguards at the beach to keep their noses from sun burning and so we used it on his nose and he became ‘Lifeguard’. Here are a few pictures in tribute to our ‘Best Horse Ever’.

' Lifeguard '

Nothing cuter than a rolling paint!

Probably waiting to unlatch the gate

My daughter Lori at a local show

My daughter Jacquie at the Hampton Classic

Saratoga Springs

Lifeguard and myself at a local show

'The Best Horse Ever '


April 10, 1979 – July 22, 2003

In remembrance of “Lifeguard” a unique horse who brought laughter and love into our lives. His qualities of uncommon intelligence, dignity, grace, leadership, gentleness, talent and spirit, will never be forgotten. He unselfishly taught all he came into contact with and quietly commanded respect from his friends, humans and horses alike. To have been a part of his life for 17 of his 24 years was a privilege and an honor. We are grateful for having known this wonderfully kind horse. You are missed and will always be remembered for your irreplaceable individuality.

Until next time

Quote for Today

The love for a horse is just as complicated as the love for another human being...If you never love a horse, you will never understand.

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