Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Butterfly Award

Butterfly Award

I’ve just received the Butterfly Award from my good friend Victoria at Teachings of the Horse. Thank you Victoria this really brightened my day. When you pass this award on to your blogging friends you're supposed to say something about each person that you award and then tell him or her to click on the award and paste it onto their blog and pass it along to others. Each time I receive one of these wonderful awards I never know who to pass it on to since there are so many blogging friends out there. Some of my friends have already received this award so I will pick just a few more and give others a chance to pass this along.

Stacey at Behind the Bit has a blog that I visit daily. She is very well-informed and always has interesting posts to read. Stop by and visit her blog if you haven’t already I’m sure you’ll find something to catch your interest.

My young friend and a wonderful horse mom (I don’t know her name) at On the Bit is my next pick for this award. She’s been going through a rough patch recently and I hope this Butterfly will cheer her up.

Jackie who has two blogs, Regarding Horses and Ace’s Blog, is a new horse mom and her blog about Ace is an enjoyable read to see how she and Ace are getting to know one another. Regarding Horses is full of the latest horse news from everywhere. I’m hoping that this award will also make her feel a little better. She is also going to have a sad time this week.

I hope you all enjoy receiving this award and pass it on to your friends.

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