Sunday, December 22, 2019



  1. Merry Christmas to you and your family - hope all are happy, healthy, and that you have a joyous holiday!

  2. Merry Christmas GHM!! I haven't visited for ages, won't bore you with my tussles with life's... challenges ;)
    I hope you and your family - 2-footed and 4-footed - have been keeping well.
    Wishing you a peaceful, blessed, magical Christmas and all the best for the New Year and the new decade! xx

    1. Hi Joy, good to hear from you! Wishing the same to you and your family.

  3. Great photo collage!! Love seeing all those beautiful faces! Hope your Christmas was enjoyable, with lotsa fuzzy horse & doggy love. Do you no longer have your beautiful shepherd? I must have missed something.

  4. Merry Christmas aurora and your family!

    Unfortunately, we no longer have our Shepherd Nikita. We had to find a new home for her because it wasn't working out with Ginger. Whenever Ginger would have a seizure (which is a few a month) Nikita would attack her violently. We were afraid she would eventually kill her so we found her a new home with the help of the Guide Dogs (where she came from). She is now living in Beverly Hills in a mansion with her own 3 acre play yard and a chef who cooks her chicken for lunch and steak for dinner every day. She also travels with her new family to a beach house on the ocean. She's got a very good home with people who love her and take her for walks and exercise everyday. I do miss her but I'm happy she got a wonderful home and is the center of attention and gets to sleep in the bed at night with her new mom. She's adapted very well to her new situation. Personally, I don't think she'd come back if she could, she's living the good life with lots of love surrounding her.

  5. Sorry things didn't work out with Nikita, totally understandable tho. Can't have that kind of scary behavior happening! Sad to hear that sweet Ginger is still having seizures :( My guess is Nikita thought she was protecting you. What a lucky dog to have found such caring owners, twice!!!


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