Sunday, April 9, 2017

And The Winner Is...

"Donnie & Blue"


"Yeah! I win!"

Donnie gets the prize today for being the dirtiest horse of the day.  Grady and Blue were respectively the runner - ups in the “ How Dirty Can You Get Contest” that was apparently running today in the herd.  I actually watched Donnie roll in the mud first thing this morning when he hit turnout.  I was hoping most of the mud would dry and fall off during the day.  As you can see it didn’t.  There’s a lot of grooming coming his way tomorrow morning.  I was just too tired tonight to take care of this.

 I’m happy to report that Sami is doing much better.  His swelling is down and he’s not lame anymore.  He enjoyed some time outside in a small grass paddock with a buddy and seems to be less stressed now that he was able to go out instead of being stuck in his stall all day.  Our horses really aren’t used to being in a stall.  They are basically out from morning until night every day.

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Quote for Today
  Grooming: the process by which the dirt on the horse is transferred to the groom.


  1. Lol. They seem to love a good roll in the mud this time of year. It's tough to keep up with them. We need to hire groomsmen....oh yeah, that's us! Happy to hear Sami is outside again. I know it's torture to be locked away from your buddies.

  2. We are loaded with piggies here too. So glad that Sami is doing well. Our horses prefer being outside all day too.

  3. No mud here, but living in a cloud of white hair. I'm not fit to go out in public most times lol. Glad Sami is improving. :D

  4. So glad Sami is better - I tried to comment on previous post but must have botched the send! LOL about the contest - we have had similar dirty horses here. What a mess on top of the shedding! There should be little mini "roomba" things for horses. :)

  5. Glad Sami is doing better. The dirtiest horse contest seems to be a daily mind-screw here; it takes me 30 minutes to groom the turkey & then the second the halter is off he's into the manure pile rolling like a pig - all the while he's side-eye-ing me, like "Don't you tell ME to keep clean!"

  6. Horses and mud, sigh. It must be soothing. Our winner is always Nemo. I think muddy horses only bothers us humans, it sure doesn't seem to bother them! Glad Sami is doing better, and happier outside by his buddies.

  7. So glad to hear Sami is doing better and he's getting some 'outside' time :) Dirty or not, they still look lovely. But then I'm not the one grooming them ;) Hope that beautiful sky sticks around, we've had some pretty good weather over here the past few days.


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