Sunday, June 21, 2015

Dusty's Days

Nate & Dusty
Dusty and I have been trying to get in as many rides as we can lately.  Okay, to be truthful, I’ve been trying to get in as many rides as I can.  Dusty couldn’t care less.  As a matter of fact she would rather graze all day and stuff as much grass in her mouth as possible.

We did get in a nice ride yesterday after she led me on a magical mystery tour through three paddocks while I was trying to catch her.  She thought she was being very clever by hiding in the shed, but she made the mistake of sticking her head out the window to watch me.  She should have done what Blue did last year and hid behind the shed and peeked out occasionally.  Then I might have found that as amusing as I did with Blue and not ride her.  Dusty was smart enough to have Nate stand in front of her so I couldn’t get to her, but to her dismay he was easily moved.  They are a constant source of amusement and quite a cast of characters.

Nice try but it didn't work this time
Dusty and I have been taking things slowly until she gets fitter.  We do lots of walking and I work on my position. We’ve been incorporating lots of circles and bending and changes of direction so it doesn’t get too boring for her.  At one point I was thinking about doing a little trotting and without changing my position or reins she took it upon herself to trot off.  I let her trot for a little bit then went back to walk.  Sometimes I think she can read my mind, which can be a good or bad thing I guess!

Until next time

Quote for Today
A little horseplay... the way best to enjoy a summer day!


  1. I "love" it when they hide behind another horse when you are trying to catch them. Such clever critters. Glad you are getting some rides in.

  2. Our Nemo does the hiding thing, its funniest when he hides behind a tree - and he's white. No doubt they are master mind readers. Glad you are getting summer rides in, enjoy!!

  3. I am so impressed that you are riding. We are in a heat wave here and I've abandoned the idea altogether. The greenhead flies are awful and with the heat it's just too much. Dusty turns your rides into a big adventure! :) Enjoy and send us some cool weather so the Big Bay and I can get back to work.

  4. They are always a great source of amusement, and I love that about them! I can just see you (and Dusty) trying to out-smart each other...glad you're having fun!!

  5. Dusty is just way too clever! I'm glad you're getting some riding in, though. Enjoy!

  6. Ah Dusty ... what a gal. And a mind reader! At least you know the rides will never get boring ;) Glad you're getting some rides in regardless of Dusty's thoughts on the matter. I think she needs to have a little discussion with Nate about the hide-and-seek thing :)

  7. 'm definitely ready for some "horseplay"! Our weather has gone bonkers this year with heat indices around 105 - 110 (crazy hot). Now it's raining buckets. *sigh* Hoping to get a ride in soon!


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