Wednesday, February 25, 2015

The Woes of Winter


  As everyone knows it’s been a hellish winter with ridiculously low temps and lots of snowfall.  Haven’t been able to do anything with the horses except groom occasionally. I think they spend their days trying to keep warm by eating as much hay as possible. We've got a hay delivery on the way so we don't run out and they can keep munching to their hearts content. They are so bored I feel sorry for them.

It’s been so frigid that four out of six automatic waterers in the barn froze along with the water in the tack room.  So the bucket brigade from the house to the barn was in full force for a while.  The lines did un-freeze for a day but then refroze again the next day.  We were lucky that we were able to get the tack room sink pipes thawed so it’s much easier to fill the buckets at night. The puzzling part of the waterers is that the heaters are still working. So in our infinite wisdom of “all things concerning plumbing” we’ve decided that the pipes in the ground must have frozen in the extreme cold. 

Since there is no way to control the weather I’m of the opinion that we just go with the flow and keep hoping for an early Spring.  It’s got to get here sooner or later.

Here are some pictures of life around here lately:
These three cardinals show up everyday for some seed and suet
It can be lonely and cold waiting for a turn at the food in a snowstorm
 "I'm looking at you. You looking at me?"
Gunnar taking a nap. Yes, he's cute...if you like cute!
I don't know what animal made these footprints outside the back door...and I don't want to meet it either!

 Quotes for Today:

February is merely as long as is needed to pass the time until March.
J.R. Stockton


  1. I know it's been relentless up there - I don't know how you all deal with it. Seriously.

    We've had wind chills around zero a few times already down here. Coldest recorded temps several days. I've only been able to work once or twice per week in February, and when I do get to work, I have to wear six layers. Several snow / ice events and burst pipes everywhere. Spring cannot come soon enough!!

  2. I'm over it! At least it's pretty tho? Lol

  3. Our water hydrant in the barn is still frozen. I know the feeling and guess we too will have to go with the flow. After all the cold weather requiring more hay, getting worried about having enough. Every horse person I know has absolutely had it with the weather conditions this winter. Stay warm at please give Gunnar a hug for me...he has to be as Swedish as the Skoogs.

  4. Water problems in the winter are the worst. Hoping for spring . . .

  5. The cardinals are beautiful! Wish we had them in Australia. Wish we had snow too!

  6. I don't recall a winter with as much snow on the ground. In some places, it's to my waist. I have tried to get a few rides but kept them short because plodding through the high snow is a lot of work for him.

  7. That bitter cold is good for nothing...but the snow looks so beautiful!!! Love your trees! You live in such a pretty area, altho it probably doesn't feel like it these days. Having underground frozen pipes is no fun. So sorry. It happened at our barn last season. They were able to fix the problem, and haven't had any issues this winter. But we haven't been as cold. I truly hope the weather gives you a break sooner then later! Gunnar is cuteness overload!!! Makes me wanna scoop him up, kiss & hug him. More pictures pretty please!

  8. Your snow photos are beautiful but I know the annoyance that comes with water issues. We have had more than our share of bucket-toting days this month. The snow we got on Tuesday melted completely yesterday, just in time for the next round to come through - more, and very very wet - so that many folks have lost power in our area. Thankfully we did not. I'll add my "ready for spring" vote and hope that we all get some warm weather and sunshine soon. And... Gunnar!!! What a total cutie-pie!

  9. Beautiful photos.

    I love the white fence with the snow.

  10. Horses eating up the hay here too. And the birds are devouring feed like crazy. Nothing to do but hunker down and wait for spring. Odds are it will come sooner or later.

    So sorry about the water. I had a bucket brigade of one here about a month ago when the valve in the well pit froze. It was no fun. Now my brigade just goes from the spigot in the barn to the trough--not so bad. Still, it worries me.

  11. I've been thinking of all my American and Canadian Blogging buddies - you guys are really having an awful time. Chin up, we are at the end of February. Spring must be just around the corner.
    Ps. Yes. Totally cute puppy.

  12. Oh Arlene, I feel such sympathy for all of you back east suffering through this winter. I cannot even imagine. For everyone's' sake I am hoping for spring to show up very soon.
    Your quote is just about perfect!
    Oh my word! That puppy is just adorable!! If I were there, think I'd just snuggle up with him and have a nice, long nap...too sweet. :)
    The pictures of your birds are beautiful too. We don't have Cardinals around here, at least I don't think I've ever seen any. The red ones are just striking! Poor little things must be totally dependent on the kindness of people these days. I wonder where they sleep? Yikes to the paw prints! Are those dog or cat??? Big!!

    1. I have no idea what made those prints. I'm thinking coyote or possibly bobcat?

  13. I keep thinking of you and everyone having to live through all that weather! I cannot even begin to imagine what it must be like. Fingers crossed and praying that Spring will get her a.s.a.p - it's almost March! Enough already with winter!! You guys definitely deserve it. And I'm feeling for the horses too, poor things.
    The pictures are gorgeous though - the snow does look beautiful when you don't have to live with it. The cardinals are breathtaking! And Gunnar ... OMG! I just want to reach in and cuddle him, he is so adorable.
    Hope whatever made those prints isn't of the threatening sort. Stay safe, my dear, and warm. xx

  14. Well... at least it's pretty. Don't you just wish there was a way to share the snow? like send much of it out here where we need it???? having said that, it snowed an inch here last night. yippeee! first snowfall since mid-december. hang in there, spring is coming!
    - The Equestrian Vagabond

  15. Our barn hydrant freezes up too, and it frustrates the #$#^% out of me. I *hate* carrying buckets out at night (the reason for spending $5K to put a hydrant in an insulated barn heated by 5 horsepower in the first place)! The auto waterer in the pasture froze 2x last year to the tune of $650 in one week (frigid conditions even for here) but never did before & have had no trouble (knock wood) this year (milder overall for this part of the country). What I don't understand is why the hydrant freezes at all -- the water line is buried 8 feet deep, which should be well below the frost line.

    I have just started a new blog & would be very pleased if you (and all your readers) would find time stop by & visit. To anyone who likes my blog, I would happily exchange Blogroll links if you would leave your request in a comment!

  16. Wow! Beautiful winter photos. Love the cardinal - one of my favorite outdoor birds. We have one automatic waterer that does the same thing as yours. Heat is on, water in the bowl, but it stops refilling when we get to about -12F. Starts working again after a few days above zero. We suspect water in the pipe running from the main line up to this particular waterer freezes somewhere just below the stall floor.


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