Thursday, July 17, 2014

Mr. Blue

I haven’t really been riding as much as I’d like to, but I’ve managed a few rides a week at least. Dusty continues to be a great riding companion--when I can catch her.  She’s impossible to catch on some days; she'll walk three steps ahead of me around the entire field--just far enough out of reach that I eventually give up trying...   That’s okay; I know where she lives!

Blue, on the other hand, always saunters over to say hello.  He most likely thinks I’ve got carrots in my pockets. Unfortunately, there are never carrots in my pocket, but I am always sporting a lead to bring someone in with me. He doesn’t seem to mind. Unlike Dusty, Blue is a people horse and likes to be groomed and hang out with me.  So I’ve been tacking him up and riding him when I can. 

Our first ride didn’t go as well as I thought it would.  Blue turned 17 in March, has had some good training over the years, and is our Steady Eddie horse.  On the other hand Blue can be very lazy and his heart isn't always in it.  He'd rather be under a tree grazing or hanging out under his fan munching hay on a hot day.

This is what I’ve been dealing with lately.  Imagine my surprise when on our first ride together I discovered that he’d "forgotten" how to steer.  Seems he knows how to mosey around the arena but can’t keep it together for a circle or walking on a straight line down the rail. 

Granted he hadn’t been worked all winter but Blue and I both know he hasn’t forgotten all he’s learned up to this point.  It’s just his way of having fun at my expense.  That’s okay; we’re working on getting him back to where he was before his time off.  Lots of circles, figure eights and serpentines done at the walk.  Usually, by the end of the lesson, which I keep short, he’s a little more willing to cooperate.  We always end on a good note with loads of praise and rubs. Then it’s back to the barn for his carrot and Stud Muffin.

I know in my head that you have to ride the horse you have that day, but it does get a little frustrating when you know he’s already done all this before.  Riding is a test and hopefully I’ll pass his tests sooner than later and we can get on with moving forward together.

Quote for Today

There are only two emotions that belong in the saddle; one is a sense of humor and the other is patience.


  1. Good to hear from you. Your quote goes perfectly with this post.

  2. Your quote at the end is one of my favorites :) I have a harder to catch guy who can be a challenge, my young horses are like puppy dogs. Funny how different they all can be :)

  3. At least Blue has a sense of humor!!

  4. AnonymousJuly 18, 2014

    I count my blessings that my guys are easy to catch!
    I've been reading so many tales of elusive equines recently!
    Still it's nice that Blue wants to come in and play when Miss Dusty isn't talking to you :)

  5. I've never heard that quote, I like it. Good reminder. Sorry that Dusty is being a booger to catch, that would frustrate me. Interesting that Blue has decided he needs to relearn everything. One would think he would cooperate sooner, so he can get back faster to that beeeautiful pasture!!

  6. Good to hear (or not!) that Madame Dusty is still being a diva. And that Blue is still led by his tummy ;) Wonder what his agenda is, that he 'feels' he has to relearn everything ... He reminds me of our baby cat - if ever we need him to come to us, even for trips to the vet, just rattle the spoon against the food tin and magically he appears!

  7. Most people way underestimate a horse's intelligence. Your horses certainly are teaching you not to. *G*
    Sounds as if both Dusty and Blue know how to get what they want at your expense, and for Blue, that's a good laugh. What a character! Have fun.

  8. Oh dear...Mr. Blue seems to have "forgotten" as a way to get out of doing some work perchance? :) That's exactly how my Harley was...why trot when one can saunter? Oh look, it's a flower!!! You'd think the poor horse had been tipping the bottle or something. I'm glad you're getting to ride, even if the horses aren't so thrilled with it.

  9. I noticed that as they get older (I have three who are 17), they seem weak when I start riding them after a break. When you think about it, it's not easy carrying a hundred or hundred-and-fifty pounds, on a back that was not designed to carry weight. If they're older and out of shape, it is doubly hard. Maybe he didn't forget. He just needs to get in shape again. Just like people.

  10. I love your blog and your way of writing. You talk about important topics straightforward and without beating about the bush. I will be a frequent visitor here!


  11. Sounds like you're riding a lot! I'm not lucky enough to get out a few times a week anymore. Don't they all forget how to steer and walk in straight lines some days?!?

  12. I love the horses that want to be with you - makes me overlook a little laziness :). My Rogo is the same way. Sounds like you're doing great.


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