Saturday, April 13, 2013

Nothing Much Here

There’s nothing much going on here.  I rode Dusty last Friday for a few minutes.  Unfortunately, she was head-bobbing lame so I got off quickly.  The thing that boggles my mind was that she stood like a statue at the mounting block, I got on and she didn’t move until I asked her to go.  Now, in my book, if I was hurting--and she definitely was--I certainly would have put up some sort of commotion to keep someone from getting on my back.  This is just one of the reasons she always has me baffled.  I asked her for a trot and she would have kept going if I wanted her to.  But once I saw how off she was we ended and I dismounted. 

The soreness seemed to be higher up in her stifle maybe, so she had the week off.  Which was just as well because I picked up a wicked cold somewhere and was down for the count, too.  Dusty doesn’t seem to be lame anymore which I’m happy about.  I’m starting to feel better but don’t think I’ll be riding this weekend until my chest clears up.  The thing that annoys me the most is being sick when the weather was so beautiful last week.  But then, it’s only a week and there will be more time to ride soon enough!  

Hope you all had a good week and got in lots of riding or time working with your horses.

Until next time

Quote for Today
The magic of your horse you are sure of... your maladies a cure of... doctors should prescribe horses, I guess they just don't fit in those pesky little bottles.


  1. I hope you are both feeling better soon!

  2. Haha..Yes, Horses Won't Fit Into Bottles For a Prescription !

    So Sorry To Hear You Caught( Or It Caught You) That Cold! Tis Best To Get Rid Of It...And There Will Be More Good Days To Come.

    I'm With Ya On Getting
    Getting All Healed, Being
    Grounded Myself.
    Relapse, Ain't With Worth It.

    Glad Dusty Seems To Have Come Good Again!
    Maybe She'll Remember How Uneventful The Mounting Was And Do A Repeat!!

  3. Glad you're both a bit better, and hope things improve - and maybe spring will come one day . . .

  4. Glad to hear both you and Dusty are on the mend again!

  5. Well, at least you tried to ride. More than I can say.

    I do think, though, that the weather has finally turned the corner so we can anticipate more good riding days ahead.

    Do feel better. Hope Dusty feels better too and decides that standing for mounting is a good thing.

  6. Poor you! Poor Dusty! Feel better soon. Weather is supposed to be warming up this coming weeks. Fingers crossed that you get to enjoy it riding.

  7. So glad Dusty is not lame now and hope you are better too! What a double whammy. She is a gem for standing and letting you mount. Her heart is big and kind.

    Thank you for your kind comments on my blog about Zoe. Very appreciated!

  8. Hope you both feel better very soon! I've been spending a lot of time with the horses and donkeys here but not riding. It's been beautiful but several days we got up to 85 degrees and since horses still have partial winter coats and pollen is clouding up everywhere, it was like spring had combined with summer and I just said: no way! :)

  9. I sure hope that you and Dusty are feeling better. We just might start having some decent weather today...Can't wait to feel warm.

  10. Watch those chest things. I once got better , then found out I had walking pneumonia.

    Horses are so complex. Sometimes I wish they could talk, yet even with all outr own language abilities we can be impossible to figure out too.

  11. I hope you're feeling better by now. There's a nasty cold going round on this side of the Atlantic too, it knocked me out for a full week.
    Hope Dusty comes right soon

  12. Hope you're feeling much better now, and glad to hear Dusty's on the mend. She's such a trouper, not complaining and taking it all in her stride (oops! Pun not intended!) Hope you get to do some serious riding soon, especially as it sounds like spring is finally here.

  13. Sorry you're feeling punky. Why is it we always seem to get sick when the sun comes out? But you're right, our good weather's just beginning! Hope you (and Dusty) are all better real soon!

  14. I hate being sick when the weather is beautiful, too. I also hate working in the office when the weather is beautiful! Hope you get to feeling better!

  15. We must've gotten the same cold! although I'm not complaining TOO much because the wind has been howling, and I hide inside from the wind.
    Aren't horses interesting, some are so stoic, some - not so much,
    - The Equestrian Vagabond


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