Friday, March 16, 2012

One More For The Road

One more cute email joke I received.  Hopefully, after the weekend there will be some actual horse/barn news around here but for now enjoy a laugh.

Amish Woman

An Amish woman was driving her buggy to town when a highway patrol officer stopped her.
“ I’m not going to cite you,” said the officer. “ I just wanted to warn you that the reflector on the back of your buggy is broken and it could be dangerous.”
“ I thank thee.   I shall have my husband repair it as soon as I return home.”
“ Also,” said the officer, “ I noticed one of your reins to your horse is wrapped around his testicles. Some people might consider this cruelty to animals so you should have your husband check that too.”
“ Again I thank thee. I shall have my husband check this when I get home.”
True to her word, when the Amish woman got home, she told her husband about the broken reflector.  He said he would put a new one on immediately.
“ Also,” said the Amish woman, “ the policeman said there was something wrong with the emergency brake.”

Until next time


  1. Haha! That one made me laugh out loud in the office! Thanks for the morning giggle :)

  2. I saw the photo and thought you were taking up carriage driving!

  3. I was wondering how that was going to end. That's funny! I laughed out loud too.

  4. Bwahahahahahaha oh my goodness; that is too funny :-D

  5. Hahahaha, too funny! (although I'm not sure the Amish emergency break system isn't actually an accelerator ;-))

  6. Great ....was good to have a good laugh

  7. hahahaha!! Keep em coming!

  8. Took me a while to get it but I love it!


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