Monday, December 26, 2011

It’s Working!

"That was lots of fun, where's my treat"

Dusty had her second shock wave treatment last Wednesday.  The vet was very happy with how well she is doing.  He palpated her injury site and felt that the inside suspensory was much tighter and she seems more comfortable in general.  The outside suspensory branch is still on the mend.  So it seems the treatments are working.  Dusty is due for her last treatment in two weeks and then we’ll see where she is.

A sort of fun story attached to this treatment.  Grady was in his stall to be looked at for a different problem.  His stall is near the cross ties where Dusty was tied. He was a perfect gentleman while she was examined, but the minute she received her sedative and he realized she wouldn’t be able to do anything about it, he took the opportunity to bite her on the butt.  All she could do was put one of her ears back.  But this mare doesn’t put up with any nonsense and Grady knows it; Dusty has a long memory and he will pay for his indiscretion.  It may not be right away but she will get him for biting her butt.  Poor Grady he’ll never know what hit him.

I’m hopeful that these treatments will speed her healing and she will be ready to resume her lessons by springtime.  Personally, I think she misses working and learning new things.  She’s one of the few horses I’ve met that enjoys working.

If only her work ethic would rub off on the rest of the herd…

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Quote for Today
Life is good; a horse makes it better!

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