Friday, November 11, 2011

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I would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to all of my blogging friends in the equine community for your kind and caring comments.  I’m not surprised that people who love and care for horses also care for other equine enthusiasts even though most of us have never met in person.  My injuries are healing but are still sore.  I’m guessing it’s an age related thing, the older you get the slower bruises heal.  Just a fact of life but I’ll deal with it.  Thank you again your kindness touched me and makes the healing process easier.

Falling into the category of more bad luck this past Monday continued to bring unwanted injuries to our family.  My daughter Jacquie was in a very serious auto accident on her way to work.  She is okay and is at home recuperating with some very colorful and painful bruises from head to toe.  The front of her car was involved and the car is now totaled.  I’m very thankful for seat belts and air bags, without them I’m not so sure she would have survived the crash.  It’s every parent’s nightmare to get the call saying, “There’s been an accident.”  She was very lucky and we’re grateful that she’s going to be fine.

It could be a while before I’m back to blogging but I will try to visit you all and keep up to date by visiting when I can.

Until next time
Quote for Today
In bad luck hold out: in good luck, hold in
German Proverb


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