Sunday, November 13, 2011

Burr Central

This is how we spent our morning.  De-burring manes and tails is time consuming and not a whole lot of fun but it's one of those jobs that needs to be done.  I just wish I knew where they were picking these burrs up so I could mow them down. The entire herd was well-behaved and let us show sheen their burrs and remove them.

Blue surprised me today by being very friendly and cuddly.  He let me kiss his nose and put his cheek on my cheek and just stood there quietly for a moment or two.  Normally he's not quite that sensitive a guy.  Dusty was also being very cute, until she bopped me on top of the head with the underside of her jaw.  Not on purpose, I was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Maybe she's trying to knock some sense into me, but I think she was really looking for a treat.

" Blue "

" Donnie"

" Sami "

" Sami "

" Dusty "
Until next time

Quote for Today
You never get the pleasure of owning a horse, you only have the pleasure of being its slave.

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