Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Day by Day

" Dusty "

Not much going on around here, just normal day to day happenings.  The horses were all vaccinated today for West Nile.  We’re using a different company than previously and only giving what we consider necessary, one shot at a time. Hopefully, there will be no reactions with Dusty like last time when she foundered or Blue when his sheath swelled up down to his hocks.  Most of the herd had swollen necks last time too.

We also sort of insisted that the shot be administered in their butts instead of their necks, feeling this would help make their lives a little easier if there was a reaction.  Apparently, we’re the talk of the vet clinic.  When we called to schedule the appointment and before we even mentioned the special order vaccine, the secretary remarked how “Oh, right, you’re the people who wanted different vaccinations ordered.”  Well, sorry, it’s not like we asked them to be flown in special from the far reaches of the planet; we just didn’t want the company previously used that caused everyone to have horrible reactions.  Geez!

Dusty had a visit from the farrier last week and he was really happy with her feet.  Seems there’s no more bruising and the New Balance shoes are really helping her rotation and keeping her comfortable.  She’s been allowed out with the boys to graze for a few weeks now and her suspensory injury actually looks better when she comes in at night.  This is most likely due to the fact that she’s sensible enough not to run around and just walks out there and behaves herself.  Unlike when she was in her small paddock up top; seems she was okay until the herd flat left her and she would run up and (slide) down the hill and fence line calling for them, stressing her suspensories more than if she was actually out with them.  So we went with the lesser of two evils.  So far, so good.

Unfortunately, she’s in her small paddock again today so we can keep an eye on her, but she has Sami to keep her company and so far everything is quiet.  She’s also in raging heat again and it’s better for her to be away from certain boys.  Yesterday, Donnie was very interested in her and Nate did something I’ve never seen before:  They were standing head to tail and Nate chomped on the top f her tail and wouldn’t let go… and she loved it.  She was moved to the small paddock minus a lot of top tail hair.  Thought that was unusual.  

Anyway, we’ll be waiting to see if there are any reactions to this particular round of vaccinations.

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Yes! I hugged my horse today!!!

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