Thursday, October 27, 2011

Autumn Color at the Farm

It seems the colors this Fall aren't as bright as they usually are. Too much rain? Maybe.  The trees appear to be losing their leaves before they've turned to color.  I've been waiting for a sunny day to take pictures. This was our sunny day for this week.  Hope you enjoy the pictures and my yearly much - loved Autumn poem.

by Jacqueline Bouvier
 I love the Autumn,
And yet I cannot say
All the thoughts and things
That make one feel this way.
I love walking on the angry shore,
To watch the angry sea;
Where summer people were before,
But now there's only me.
I love wood fires at night
That have a ruddy glow.
I stare at the flames
And think of long ago.
I love the feeling down inside me
That says to run away
To come and be a gypsy
And laugh the gypsy way.
The tangy taste of apples,
The snowy mist at morn,
The wanderlust inside you
When you hear the huntsman's horn.
Nostalgia - that's the Autumn,
Dreaming through September
Just a million lovely things I always will remember.
Until next time

Quote for Today
As the wind swept over the saddle, it turned to a mixture of bright colors and painted the world.
    - Ronan Warriors

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