Sunday, September 11, 2011

Riding Blue

" Waiting for Dinner"

With the beforehand preparation and aftermath cleanup of Hurricane Irene, plus life in general, I’ve not been able to ride Blue.  Yesterday was the first ride in two weeks.   Color me surprised when he was as good as gold and seemed not to have had any setbacks.  The key to the Blue vault has been unlocked.  I’d like to think it’s because of my brilliant riding but I’m old enough to know better.

Usually, Blue is lazy and opinionated but not this time.  After his warm – up walk about, where I insisted on him steering and staying on the rail, we picked up a nice trot.  I mentioned the “key” and it was so simple really.  Give him a task that is interesting to him.  Instead of trotting circles or staying on the rail I immediately headed for the cavelletti and did a pattern.   Outside, inside, outside, inside.  This does the trick for him; his ears perk up and he picks up a very nice working trot.  A few times he actually jumped the cavelletti (they’re basically on the ground) and he did want to canter but we were working more on maintaining an even pace and steering straight.  We also were working towards adjusting his pace to find distances.  Blue loves to jump--in fact he lives for it--and would do it everyday if you let him.  He’s good at it too.  So my lazy push-me-along horse can get very motivated if you point him at any obstacle in his path. 

I had planned on raising the cavelletti today and letting him canter circles afterward but that didn’t happen.  Our farrier showed up and so everyone is either getting trims or shod today.  Have you ever been secretly relieved you didn’t have to ride and had a legitimate excuse?  Well that’s my feeling today.  Not because I didn’t want to jump cavelletti or canter but because it is so hot and humid I just couldn’t repeat another yesterday.  We only worked for a half hour and both Blue and I were drenched.  I thought I was going to stroke out, so I’m happy for the day off. 

I’ve decided to send Mother Nature a request.
Dear Mother Nature,
It’s September, how about some decent cool weather for a change!  Thanks for any help you can give us on this.

The Herd and The Caretakers
P.S And could you do something about these damn flies too!

Until next time
Quote for Today
A horse is an animal not a machine and is only as good as it's rider.

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