Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Dusty’s At It Again

Yet another quick story about Dusty.  Seems she’s been trying to help once again.  Since her injury she’s been hanging around the barn watching the goings on and I’m convinced she has found her employees lacking.  Just the other day I was in the feed shed dishing out dinners into the feed buckets, when I was done I closed the door.  Then I popped into the barn to grab a muck bucket and pitchfork to pick out her stall.

Back outside, Dusty is nowhere to be found.   Then I hear some commotion in the feed shed.  She somehow got herself up the front steps and into the shed, and was in there sampling the feed buckets.  Reminiscent of Goldilocks, some were to her liking and some were not.  There was not enough room to turn her around to get her out the narrow front door so I moved the feed cart and some hay bales.  The shed has two double doors on the side and she made her dignified—if haughty—departure through those doors, none the worse for her escapade. 

As happened with the latches on the run in shed, I knew I shut the door.  But I didn’t turn the handle to latch it because I didn’t think it was necessary.  Knowing how smart and resourceful Dusty can be, I should have known better.  Now you might think that she simply pulled the handle to open the door.  Not Dusty; that would be too easy for her.  After I left her grazing under the trees, I went back into the barn to snap the feed buckets up, and then I waited and watched. 

In a short time, I wasn’t disappointed.  She marched over to the feed shed again and, to my surprise, didn’t use her teeth to pull the handle but instead she used the small wreath on the door to pull it open.  I’m only sorry I didn’t have a camera to catch her antics.  Dusty was led away from the door and it was secured. 

It is obvious what a huge help she is to me around here.  I’m so grateful she is taking the time to show me how it should be done.  Unfortunately, I’m afraid that from now on everything will have to be Dusty-proofed and this place will be locked down like Fort Knox.  She’s such a character and even with all the exasperation, she brings a smile to my face.  And that’s what it’s all about… enjoying your horses.

Until next time
Quote for Today
Horses have as much individuality and character as people.
C.W. Anderson

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