Monday, May 16, 2011

Before The Rains Came

I thought I would take a few pictures of the farm now that it is finally in bloom.  We’ve got a forecast for continual rain all week and I wanted to capture the trees in bloom before the rain washes the buds and colors away.  Disregard the weeds, there hasn’t been time to deal with them and as I’ve been told by certain members of my family “it’s a farm and farms have weeds” they’ll have to stay on for a while.  I’m thinking of starting a movement that could sweep the country called “Natures Easiest Floras” or something similar.  The idea would be that weeds are our friends and are the easiest species to grow and believe me there are thousands of species sprouting by leaps and bounds daily around here. Then there would be no need to pull them up, mow them down or spray them into submission. We could sit back and enjoy our weedy friends as they take over every single garden, lawn or pasture and feel we’ve done our job in promoting their defiant nature. 
Front Yard
One of my favorite trees
The Official Barn Greeter's
The Pond
 We've somehow acquired an otter who lives in the pond. I couldn't manage a picture because he/she's too fast for my camera but I hope it stays with us for a while. I'm thinking the otter is the reason we haven't had the geese take over the pond this year. I love otters and think they are one of the cutest animals and could watch them play for hours.
View from Patio (neighboring farm's hay field & cow pastures)
" C'mon, Murphy & Maggie, try and keep up "
" Forget it, we're outta here"

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