Friday, May 13, 2011

Another Vet Visit

 We had to call the vet again for Dusty today.  Seems yesterday she was sore on her front left foot and today it wasn’t much better even with bute and limited turnout in the small pasture.  After a check with the hoof testers, which didn’t bother her at all, he took some x-rays. Our vet thinks it is most likely a mild case of laminitis.  This is the same foot that she had the 5-degree rotation in last August. We’ll have to see how the new x-rays compare to the old ones and see if there’s been any improvement—hopefully it won’t be any worse. I was hoping for an abscess.  The vet also thought there could be an air space, but it looks like it is probably in an area where last year’s laminitis episode is still growing out.

I’m trying to figure out why this would have happened again?  We gradually increase their time out on grass every spring so they can acclimate to it, and it’s never been a problem for her even when she lived out 24/7 on pasture.  Maybe as she gets older it’s affecting her differently.  Regardless, there is a grazing muzzle in her future, starting tomorrow.  She’ll be on bute twice a day for a week switching to once a day and we’ll probably be adding another med like isoxsuprine or something along those lines.

Dusty is really being a good sport about all these problems she is having.  I feel sorry for her; it’s no fun being injured, especially now that the weather is so nice and the grass is up. Usually, the herd heads to the backfields to graze each morning and she’s left to her little paddock. Nate, her best buddy, does stay up with her in the paddock across from hers and even if he leaves to graze he comes back to check on her during the day. Now that’s a good guy.  Poor girl, I hope she heals quickly and can rejoin the herd.

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