Monday, November 1, 2010

A Walking Lesson

'Dusty's Latest Hoof Photos'
Our farrier came to the farm this past Friday and everyone got what they needed, either trims or shoes.  Dusty’s foot is healing but still not quite there, some bruising is still evident.  He’s very surprised that she’s doing as well as she is in the time frame since her original injury. I’m happy that she heals so quickly and is a stoic little mare - never a complaint from her about anything going on physically.  When he turned her out in the paddock after her treatment Mellon chased her (he always does this, he’s such a neurotic character) and she took a few bad steps.  Due to this the farrier recommended that she not be ridden until Sunday and then only worked lightly.

The footing in the indoor is soft sand and couldn’t possibly hurt her feet so we decided to have a lesson at the walk. I practiced some leg yielding in both directions and added something new for her to think about.  Shoulder-in down the long sides.  We were hoping this might help her in the future to stop popping her shoulder out all the time. Sort of developing straightness and getting a little collection in the bargain. 

For a green mare she did exceptionally well.  Dusty is very smart and sensitive, by the second or third attempt she got it. I am very proud of her. It always astonishes me that with her tough persona she also wants to please. Of course, I could be wrong she may not be trying to please me, as that might be degrading to her, but maybe she has the sort of personality that doesn’t allow her to do things the wrong way.  She is very intent on “getting it right” all the time. Getting it right, also involves getting a treat, so that’s another cause for motivation.  I know most trainers/riders frown on treat training but I say pass them out along with the praise. It works for us and since most of our horses are treat monsters it works for them too. Whatever her reason, I’ll take it.  Things are working out very well.

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Quote for Today 
There are many wonderful places in the world, but one of my favourite places is on the back of my horse.
    - Rolf Kopfle

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