Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Oh, Dusty!

My daughter had quite an amusing Monday morning (to me anyway).  As usual 6 a.m. arrived, she rolled out of bed and made her way in the dark to the feed shed to get breakfast for the horses.  Flipping the aisle lights on she didn’t wait for them to warm up, but proceeded to dump the grain into each bucket down the line. On her way back down the aisle she noticed Dusty wasn’t eating but standing with her cute little ears perked forward and nickering for her breakfast.  Second-guessing herself, she wondered if she had forgotten to feed this cutie pie; after all, it was early and she was still a bit groggy. Checking Dusty’s bucket she could make out that there was indeed feed in there but, on these cold mornings the feed tends to clump and her morning supplements hadn’t mixed in.  She surmised that perhaps Dusty wasn’t eating because she had taken exception to the layer of white powdered magnesium supplement lying on top.

So, trying to help this poor starved mare out, she stuck her hand in the bucket, and gave the clump of feed a squeeze to break it up and mix in the supplements... squish, squish… eeewww.  

Those weren’t feed clumps!  Apparently, the reason Miss Dusty wasn’t eating her feed was not because of the supplement but because she had turned her feed tub into a toilet the night before!

So, after she ran gagging into the tack room to disinfect her hand she cleaned out and disinfected the bucket.  Dusty did eventually get her breakfast in another bucket and my daughter took her shower before heading off for work.  Talk about a crappy way to start the day.

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Quote for Today
You never get the pleasure of owning a horse, you only have the pleasure of being it's slave.

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