Sunday, February 28, 2010

Beautiful Blogger Award


Beautiful Blogger Award

Merri from The Equestrian Vagabond and  Golden The Pony Girl and Jane from The Literary Horse have graciously bestowed the Beautiful Blogger award on me. Thank you so much girls, I’m honored. The challenge to this award is to share 7 things about myself that most don’t know about, which will be hard since I’ve done this sort of list a few times in the past. It’s hard to talk about yourself and find new and interesting things.  I’m not that complex or interesting, but I’ll give it a shot.

I’m also supposed to pass this award onto 15 other deserving bloggers. Now since I’ve gotten this award twice I think that would mean (and I’m not much good at math) that instead of 15 blogs I should do 30. I know there are lots of blogs out there that are more deserving than me, and you know who you are, so please feel free to take this award for yourself with a gigantic pat on the back for a blog well written and deserving.  A link back is appreciated although not mandatory; enjoy your award if you decide it’s for you.

One for the money, two for the show three to get ready and away we go…

 1.   I don’t have a favorite color but this year I’m sure it will be green.  Any green will do; as long as I see no more white for a while I will be a happy camper.

 2.   Mucking stalls doesn’t bother me.  I like it, especially the days the stalls get new fluffy shavings.  The only downside is emptying the wheelbarrow. Now if I could think of a way to muck onto a conveyor belt that would empty into a dumpster that would be divine.

 3.   Cleaning tack is one of my favorite barn jobs. Why you ask? I find the time spent cleaning and polishing very peaceful, the smell of leather and nice music in the background relaxing.

 4.   I love all kinds of music except rap and opera, and I love to dance.

 5.   One of the most beautiful things to me is a clear, crisp brilliant night sky with star constellations visible.  The most incredible night sky I have ever seen was while camping in Organ Pipe campground in Arizona.  The stars looked close enough to touch.

 6.   It’s hard for me to decide which area of the country I like the most. I’ve always loved the Southwest deserts but also find the pull of the ocean irresistible.  I need to live near water for some reason.

 7.   I’m hoping to someday take a riding vacation in Europe.  Ireland and Scotland are tops on my list for my first vacation. There are just so many great spots, though; France, Greece, and Spain, they all look so wonderful it will be hard to make a decision. If I really do get there one of these days… *sigh*

 Until next time

Quote for Today

Horseback riding is life, the rest is just details


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