Friday, February 12, 2010

Another Day at the Barn

Another Day at the Barn

The day of the snowstorm our barn worker couldn’t make it to muck so my daughter did it herself.  Other than finding out just how much stuff this guy doesn’t do (that he’s supposed to on a daily basis) mucking out for her is no big deal, because she used to do this for a living. Until she got a real job, as my husband says. Well the barn took a few more hours than usual to get back to acceptable conditions and I’m sure she was very ticked off by the time she finished. 

We have a few water buckets for some of the horses that don’t have automatic waterers.  Unfortunately, our worker hasn’t been scrubbing them out properly either.  So in the course of scrubbing and dumping out the dirty brown water my daughter had an incident.  On her way to dump a large bucket, she hit a patch of ice outside the barn doors and wound up slipping onto her butt. As if that wasn't bad enough, in mid-air, as her arms were flailing trying to catch her balance, she managed to throw the dirty brown water right in her own face, soaking her clothes and herself with brown slime.  And, as she lay on the ground, the bucket landed on her head.  By this time she wasn’t wearing a coat because barn work makes you warm and she had taken it off, so it was a thorough soaking. 

I’ve asked her repeatedly if I could please put up a barn cam so as not to miss any of these mishaps she has on a regular basis. The truth is I’m glad she wasn’t hurt but I do hate to miss a good fall.

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