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Review on Le Tixerant Girths



Le Tixerant Girths

 “In cooperation with a major medical textile company in France, this girth was developed to allow freedom of movement for the horse, while keeping the saddle in place. A special patented material sewn into the middle of the girth expands, giving comfort to the horse, easier breathing and movement for the chest area. Scientific studies have proven that a tightened girth inhibits optimum performance of a horse. Specifically, a rigid girthing affects the respiratory function and compresses the muscles, thereby reducing the blood flow and supply of oxygen. This can result in contractures, spasms, impaired action, reduced power, uneven gaits, defense reactions and refusals. The solution is a girth designed to move with the horse. The Tixerant Comfort Girth is radical in its simplicity, incorporating a wide centre section of a technical material made by Gibaud (a medical textile company) the girth offers a high capacity for elongation, allowing your horses’ ribs to expand and contract without any restriction. This unique elastic panel also covers a much larger area of your horses belly than usual to reduce pressure and virtually eliminate the risk of pinching. Yet, despite the elasticity, it keeps the saddle in place more effectively than a standard girth, due to an integrated non-slip pad on the inside, positioned over the sternum to keep the saddle centralized and fully secure.” 
Above is the company’s advertising statement.  I agree with all they have to say.  I’ve been lucky enough to receive the Dressage Le Tixerant Girth as a Christmas present from my children this year.  This weekend was the first time I was able to saddle up and try it out with Dusty.  Her conformation is not picture perfect and I’m afraid there’s nothing to be done about her non-existent withers - short of wither enhancement surgery - or her broad back. She’s a buxom gal.  
Normally, her saddle slips a little from side to side and, so far, there has been no saddle to be found that fits her perfectly.  That said, I was pleasantly surprised that, between her new non-slip saddle pad and this new Le Tixerant Dressage Girth, her saddle did not slip at all, not even while dismounting.  I never use the stirrup for mounting; I just throw my leg over like a bicycle from the four step-mounting block.
As an added bonus, Dusty seemed to like this new addition to her wardrobe very much.  Dusty and I have been in mutual training for almost 9 months now and in all that time she has never really stretched her neck down while under saddle.  We didn’t do much except walk because frankly the arena was still covered in snow with some icy patches hidden underneath. Even so, we had a nice relaxing ride. I’m convinced that Dusty was stretching long and low in her own special interpretation of  a snow plow  because it’s the first time she was really comfortable and could stretch without any pinching and the girth expanded enough for her to take a huge breathe if she wanted.  I’m sold on this girth and I’m sure it’s soon to become my favorite for all the horses.

A show jumping version of this girth is also available.  We have been trying that version with Donnie for a few months and he seems like a different horse. With more training, we may even try to ride him this spring or summer; we’ll see.  If you follow this blog, you’ll know that Donnie has had many issues with girths, saddles, riders etc… If you’re not a regular reader and are interested in Donnie’s story here are the links:

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  1. Thank you for the review. I just got one too, for my no-wither, broad-back, round as a barrel, propane-tank-shaped-horse :)


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