Sunday, December 27, 2009

They're At It Again!

BLM to Start Calico Roundup on Private Land- No Public Observers Allowed

Las Vegas Protest Planned for Sunday, December 27th

The Cloud Foundation just learned that the Calico Roundup, arguably the most controversial roundup in the BLM's history, will be held for the first two weeks on private land where no members of the public will be allowed to view the operation. According to BLM over half of the 2+ month long roundup will take place on private land. The immediate reaction from the public and those planning on attending on Monday is that this is unacceptable and leads to further suspicions of BLM misconduct. Wild Horse and Burro Chief Don Glenn's statement that the public is welcome to watch any roundup at anytime and offer that the public willl be accommodated at a safe distance (so to not further disturb the horses) has fallen flat. Calico cannot be conducted in secret like the Buckhorn Roundup but by working off private lands the BLM can operate in secracy as apparently the private landowners will not allow any member of the public to be present. The BLM will try to make it possible for public to observe but first two weeks appear to be out. The public should contact Lisa Ross in the Winnemucca office to learn more about observing this massive roundup - 775-623-1541.
The following is a press release from a Nevada resident about a protest in Las Vegas. This is not a Cloud Foundation event, however we support the right of the public to gather and speak out peacefully on behalf of our wild horses and would like to inform you of this protest, albeit on short notice.


WHERE:  THE ENTRANCE TO RED ROCK CANYON, LAS VEGAS NEVADA, WHEN: 1PM,  SUNDAY, DECEMBER 27. 2009, CONTACT PERSON: ARLENE GAWNE, 702-277-1313 artistfromafrica@hotmail.comOn Monday, Dec. 28, 2009, the BLM (Bureau of Land Management) intends to roundup approximately 2,400- 2,700 of the estimated 3,000 wild horses in the Calico Mountain wild horse complex of Northern Nevada. They will be driven by helicopters in icy winter conditions, over rocky ground, for long distances. Some horses will be injured or die just as they have in recent BLM helicopter roundups.... (Press Release continued here)

Calico Wild Horses- October 2009 by Craig Downer 

TAKE ACTION:  Please fax President Obama & Senator Reid today. A Free fax service is available at, no fax machine needed! You can fax the White House at 202-456-2461 or call 202-456-1111. Fax Senator Reid at 202-224-7327 or phone his DC office at: 202-224-3542.

I've basically copied and pasted this e-mail I got from the Cloud Foundation. I can only hope if more people get involved they will finally have to be accountable for their actions. Please try to call,fax or e-mail and make our voices heard. Suzanne at Golden Days has more info if you're interested.

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  1. Remember taking these pictures of the stallion Lightning back in 2009. He was so unjustly rounded up by helicopter but has a good home now and has had two offspring, but he should be out there in his legal area in NW Nevada and I pray will be again soon some future day and Golden Age!


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