Friday, November 27, 2009

The Day After

The Day After 

It’s the day after Thanksgiving the rain has stopped and I decided to take a walk around the farm to counteract some of yesterday’s feast. Grabbing my camera on the way out in case a picture worth taking caught my eye I stepped out into the gray day.  Moments later seeing a good shot I walked down a slope and this is what I got…

Yes, we have had a lot of rain lately and the mud was deeper than I thought. After losing my sneakers to this mud pit, I had a choice of walking back to the barn barefoot or slipping them back on. I dug them out and I burrowed my feet into the slimy depths and sloshed all the way back to the barn. On the way back I was lucky enough to have a bunch of leaves stick to them, the latest fashion statement in barn wear I'm sure. Back at the barn I rinsed them off in the wash stall and barefooted it to the house. So much for a nice walk, the day after.

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