Monday, September 7, 2009

The Roundup

For more information and pictures on what is happening daily to Cloud's herd check out their blog: and their websites:
Angels for Cloud and The Cloud Foundation.

Apparently the round up has begun in 90 degree temperatures, babies and senior horses along with the mares and stallions are being trapped and taken. Even though the BLM will put these horses up for adoption we all know most of them are going to slaughter, especially the old mares and stallions. What a shame to be ripped from the only life you've ever known to be crammed in a trailer and then slaughtered inhumanely. They should all be very proud of themselves as human beings to inflict this on helpless animals. Way to go you great big macho men.

Perhaps if we all keep calling our representatives and making them aware of the situation we can be of some help to the herds. There is also a petition that can be signed. Thanks for any interest and help in trying to stop this removal.

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Quote for Today
The symbol of wide open spaces and freedom, synonymous with nature in a mechanized world, the horse ... feeds our imagination.
    - Bertrand Leclair 

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