Sunday, September 20, 2009

Peaceful Days


Normally we don’t open the back riding field to our herd but, since we’ve decided to let their pastures rest for a few weeks, they have been allowed access for the time being.  We’ve gotten some reports from the neighbors on their activities and found what they said a little hard to believe.  Today we decided to check out the allegations of what can only be construed as odd behavior.  The neighbors were right; this is one odd herd…
With acres of grass to graze where do you think the best place would be to spend the day if you were a horse?  Well, I’d be on the grass… but not this bunch!  Their favorite place to hang all day is in the riding arena.  Still scratching my head trying to figure that one out.  I wonder if they never had a giant playpen as babies and are reliving their childhoods…?

Did I forget to mention that they're also extremely nosy!

' The Playpen'

'Guess which one has been chewing the fence'

' The Odd Bunch'

' There's just gotta be food hidden in here'

   ' The best grass is always under the mule '

 " Whatcha  lookin for Grady"

 ' A chestnut unicorn'?

' Wonder if I could fit in here"

" If we can get this started Donnie,
We could terrorize the herd and be

"The Horses from Hell"

" C'mon boys let's go back in the club house"

Until next time

Quote for Today

You cannot remain unmoved by the gentleness of conformation of a well-bred and well-trained horse. . . more than 1000 pounds of big-boned, well-muscled animal, yet forever a menace with it's innocent power. . .but when it greets you with a nicker and regards you with a large and liquid eye, the question of where you want to be has been answered.

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