Thursday, September 10, 2009

End of the Round Up

The Round Up Ends

The Pryor Mountain round up has finally ended and I'm sure most hearts are gladdened by this.  Cloud was released minus many members of his family and is on his way back up the mountain.  Fifty-seven horses and three foals at their mother's sides were not so lucky and are imprisoned in the BLM pens instead of roaming free as they always have on their own lands. While we’ve breathed a sigh of relief let’s not forget there is still work to be done to insure safety to the other members of these herds. Please don't stop calling and e-mailing whoever it takes to have the arrogance of the BLM investigated and work to free the older horses.  

Grumpy Grulla a mare who is 20 and Conquistador who is 19 and other older horses who will most certainly not be adopted but slaughtered must be released. In their own words the BLM Herd Management Plan dated May 2009, states no horse over the age of 20 is to be removed. Guess they don't even read their own laws. Please don't stop working to have the older horses returned to their mountain.  

Check the cloud foundation blog for daily updates.
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Quotes for Today

The horse symbolizes the primeval forces of chaos, intense desire, swiftness and determination. It recalls the freedom of the wind and the fury of the seas. It was the noble animal sought after by kings, knights and gods.

Wild horses run unbridled or the spirit dies

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