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DVD Review - If Horses Could Speak

If Horses Could Speak

A DVD Review

Horses do not make a specific noise when they are in pain and yet with practice it is possible to read their state of health from their face and especially their eyes.
One years work went into developing the unique 3-D animation which clearly
demonstrates where false riding hurts and why.


by Dr. Gerd Heuschmann

75 minute DVD by Dr. Gerhard Heuschmann

Introduction spoken by Hans-Heinrich Isenbart

The moving 3D-horse at walk and trot is a world novelty, which clearly depicts what happens in the horse's body with hyperflexion techniques that are currently widely rewarded in competition arenas around the world.

Positive and negative live rides by Hans Riegler (Chief écuyer Spanish Riding School, Vienna) and David de Wispelaere (Grand Prix Rider, awarded with the Piaffe Horsemanship award 2008) and others.

Computer professionals, who had worked on known movies like Jurassic Park, King Kong and other 3D-animations developped this project. The animation lets the viewer understand completely, why false riding must lead to permanent damages!

With the complex 3D-animation, work movements can be depicted now. Currently, you see the horse standing with moving neck and head and its anatomic effects on back and hindquarters. Drawings of skeletons and muscles literally become vivid. The whole walk and trot mechanism will also be shown in the movie.

Everyone who loves his horse will watch this movie to understand: The rider who does not want to understand the horse's anatomy will torture his horse consciously in the future. What horseman does really want that?

Below is a synopsis of the DVD Review I condensed from this site. If you would like to read the full review go to:


The DVD Reviewed

This video shows how incorrect modern riding negatively affects horses' health. Experienced rider and horse veterinarian Dr. Gerd Heuschmann employs the highest level of technological help to capture the horse in 3D and clearly demonstrates the biomechanics of the horse and displays the 'torture' that ‘rollkur’ can cause in the breakdown of the horse.

The material here explicitly details each gait and riding techniques that are currently rewarded in competition arenas around the world. His plain speaking on behalf of the horse and his depth of research and understanding of the horse in both mind and body will impress any rider.

The production is of the highest quality and Dr. Heuschmann has presented a factual basis for asking judges around the world to return to rewarding the true classical training of a horse. Input from the highly regarded Dr. Heinz Meyer, Jochin Schleese (saddle maker and rider) and Johann Riegler of the Spanish Riding School of Vienna provide their own points of view on the subject.

About the Author

Dr. med. vet. Gerhard Heuschmann

He is a vet, a rider and above all a true horse lover. He is the man who currently pours all his energy into educating riders to develop an awareness of what is really needed to make their sport more horse friendly. He is not afraid to speak up for his cause and if need be to lend the horses his voice.

His book “Tug of War – Classical Versus “Modern” Dressage” – was published by Wu Wei Verlag, Schondorf.

First released at the end of 2006 – exactly one year later the revised second edition is released including an open letter to the FEI, the FN and the German horse riding authorities. Over 25,000 copies have been sold to date making it one of the most successful horse books in recent years and it has so far been translated into 9 languages. It explains impressively and clearly what riders have to know so that their horses stay healthy.

All of the above material was taken from different sites because their information is better than anything I could write. Below are

' My Thoughts '

While the video itself is rather pricey at around $60, it is worth every dollar. If you check around the internet or Google ‘If Horses Could Speak’ many sites come up and while I haven’t checked them all out I think you may be able to purchase it for less. I should also add that even though the video I uploaded from You Tube has subtitles, the version I have is dubbed over in English so you can watch it without reading the scroll at the bottom. There is also a site where you can rent this video called: Giddyupflix.com.

I feel everyone could benefit from watching this DVD, whether you ride English or Western . Educating ourselves and discovering a better way to ride by incorporating how our horses bodies work in our training can only help us form a better partnership with our horses. A happy healthy horse should be the goal we constantly strive to attain.

Until next time

Quote for Today

What the horse does under compulsion...is done without understanding...and there is no beauty in it.

- Xenophon

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