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The Visible Horse -DVD Review

The Visible Horse

DVD Review

As one of my Christmas presents this year, my daughter gifted me with the “Visible Horse” DVD. Admittedly, when I first opened it, my thoughts were, “I guess this means she thinks I don’t know how a horse is put together!” Which turned out not to be the case at all; she simply thought it would be an informative and fun way to review horse conformation and mechanics relative to movement and riding. After watching this I agree with her; it is most informative and the visuals really give you improved awareness of the mechanics of movement, and how all of the joints and muscles work together as the horse moves.

The authors have skillfully painted both sides of a white/gray horse - one side in black with the bones and joints, and the other with colored lines depicting muscles. It is neat to see how these joints and muscles move when the horse is walking, trotting, cantering and hand galloping. I found it to be a great refresher course and educational. I’m always looking for first-rate horse DVD’s and books to round out my “horse” library collection and would like to thank my daughter for this particular addition. While books and videos are never a substitute for a good instructor on the ground, they can help us to continue to learn and improve our riding when we’re not in a lesson, even in the hours when we’re out of the saddle. In my opinion, one can never have too many educational books and videos, so I am adding this to my DVD recommendation list.

Below is the short bio for the DVD, which I have quoted from the back of the case:

Susan Harris presents her popular “Visible Horse” demonstration with the muscular and skeletal systems painted on a live horse. This fascinating presentation shows in vibrant color how a horse’s bones and muscles work in motion. It includes slow motion studies of walk, trot, canter, and gallop; what creates good and poor movement; and how to help our horse move better. The program is simply and clearly presented for horse owners and riders of all levels, and is ideally suited for 4-H and Pony Club members as well as adults. It also contains invaluable information for instructors, trainers, equine-massage therapists, farriers, and equine-studies programs. This is a video to watch again and again-you will come away with a far better understanding of your horse.

Also available in a companion video: Anatomy in motion 2 –The Visible Rider.

I’m also going to purchase this as I think it will be helpful to see - how the human skeleton is put together and how it can perform in unity with the horse.”

Let’s face it, when we get to be older and things aren’t in all the places they should be, we might be able to help ourselves with sitting correctly in efficient positions, and seeing the skeleton at work may teach us how to relieve the aches and pains from years of riding. If you’re a beginning or life-long older equestrian, these two videos could definitely help define and explain certain aspects of riding concerning the horse and our own bodies and how they relate during riding for the most comfortable, efficient and functional effect.

Although, right now I’m pretty sure where every muscle and ligament is located, as I can feel each and every one acutely every time I get off the treadmill, recumbent bike or elliptical machine!

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In training horses, one trains himself
- Antoine De Pluvinet

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