Monday, August 18, 2008

Backyard Olympics

Backyard Olympics

It seems we do not have to travel to Hong Kong to witness the Equestrian Olympics in person. We have our own unusual Olympics right here in our own backyard. Donnie is our resident champion. His sport: Halter tag. As yet, he has been undefeated in this event, and many a halter has been forever lost in the field thanks to his skills. There is not a single horse who can actually grab hold of his halter; he is horse among horses and is unbeatable in his chosen sport.

Donnie has been trying his hardest to show little ‘Studley’ how to play like a real horse, starting with teaching him the official rules of Olympic Halter Tag. By the look of these pictures, he is succeeding rather admirably. We are happy that ‘Studley’ is finally getting the chance to interact with the other horses on the farm, albeit through his stall guard. I’m confident that in a short time he will be able to join his new friends in a peaceful herd atmosphere during turnout, and not feel too overwhelmed by the situation when the time comes. Right now, he’s working on meet-and-greet, and getting to know his stable mates one halter at a time.

Donnie wins the Gold!

It’s all in good fun and no horses have been hurt in the making of these photos.

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A little horseplay... the way best to enjoy a summer day!

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