Sunday, July 27, 2008

Silent Sunday

Silent Sunday

Just a few pictures on a quiet rainy Sunday. The rescued Arabian mare and her little guy are doing fine. The gelding is leading like the perfect gentleman we know he can be and he cross tied for his first bath yesterday. He was just a tad nervous but behaved himself admirably. The mare looks as if her feet are feeling better and although still lame, she seems to be walking with less pain. Her bowed tendon has been getting daily treatment. She also had a bath yesterday and seemed to enjoy herself. We've made the discovery that the gelding doesn't know what a treat is and had to be coaxed to take a carrot, unlike his mom who is a professional snacker!

Here are some pictures of the two Arabians:

The mare made it up and down the hill a few times and seems to love being outdoors and enjoys her grazing time. Unfortunately, the flies were out of control yesterday and we had to bring her in earlier than usual, first thing on the agenda Monday morning is two new fly masks.

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Quote for Today

'A horse is an angel without wings'

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