Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I've Been Tagged !

I’ve Been Tagged

Two people with great blogs have recently tagged me. Callie at Midwest Horse and Nor’dzin at Ceffylau. The purpose of this particular tag is to dig up six interesting facts that not everyone knows about me. How uninteresting is that. I would say as uninteresting as watching chrome rust. I have wracked my brain and this is all I could come up with:

· I like to garden but despise weeding. My favorite flowers are yellow roses and daisies.

· One of my favorite pastimes is reading and exploring a good historical book is one of the best ways to spend a rainy afternoon and I do like to write.

· A favorite spot of mine is the beach (after the season) when it is deserted. There is nothing better than a walk on an empty beach. I have never liked to live too far from the ocean and given a choice of vacation spots, I usually head to the ocean.

· I love being surrounded by my family, my horses and my dogs. Life is always more fun when we are all together.

· Even though it has been over a year since I lost my horse Erik, I still miss him and know there will never be another horse in my life to take his place. I feel we only find that one horse that we have a unique bond with and he was my special guy.

· Another favorite part of the country that I’ve always liked is the southwest, and have visited there many times. The rock formations, sunrises, sunsets and deserts are the living palettes of the past to be awed by and explored.

That’s about it for me. I’d like to pass on this tag to three more blogs who might enjoy doing this, but looking around I see that almost everyone has been tagged. If you want to participate, feel free to consider yourself tagged and let us know six things about you.

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