Wednesday, June 18, 2008

My Blogging Spaces

My Blogging Spaces

Pony Girl has initiated a photo tag. If you would like to take part it’s easy, simply put up pictures of where you write your posts for your blog. So tag your it! (Only if you want to be). It will be interesting to see just where all of our inspirations come from. Pop on over to Pony Girl's blog and let everyone know in her comments section that you will participate, this way we can all check out each others blogging spaces.

Here Is Where I Sometimes Write a Post

This really keeps everything within reach!

I hope everyone appreciates how neat and organized this computer cabinet is, it took me most of the morning to clean the whole mess out and make it look presentable. I also share this computer with my husband, actually, it is his computer, and I am allowed on as a guest user. I feel so privileged.

I like this cabinet because the doors close and keep out 3 year old sticky fingers from the computer screen!

The Desk

Very professional looking, don't you think?
Makes me wonder why I'm not posting more often!

Ground control, this is headquarters for Grey Horse Matters, it includes my personal computer and my personal space. I have everything the way I want it on this desk, I can tell if it has been touched, so don’t! I realize this is just a little extreme but being half-German I need all things to be in their proper place and I expect them to stay that way. Just kidding. I do however, like a neat quiet place to work.

The Chair

Comfy Chair = More Reading

Truth be told this is where I do most of my reading of your blogs and comment on them, it’s just more comfortable than the office. In the morning, I usually have my tea here and check out what’s going on in the blogosphere. During the evening hours, I will generally take a quick scan to see if anything is new and I sometimes work on a post as I am doing now.

Not too exciting but that's all there is...

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