Sunday, May 18, 2008

I Love Your Blog Award !

Blog Award!

Callie from Midwest Horse has honored me with a new award. Thanks Callie, you’re the best. I’d like to pass this along to some of my favorite bloggers and friends, whose blogs I enjoy reading. You all deserve an award for the entertaining and insightful posts that you write. It’s a pleasure to be in such a friendly community atmosphere with my fellow bloggers. I hope you are all as pleased as I was to receive this award. I would like to give it to everyone I know but realize I have to leave some blogs for the others to bestow the award to. Here’s a list of award recipients:

M.C. Valada at Out of the Darkroom

Victoria Cummings at Teachings of the Horse

Billie at Camera-Obscura

Stacey Kimmel-Smith at Behind the Bit

Linda at Lost World Farm

Linda at The7MSN

Pony Girl at PonyGirlRidesAgain

Anne at Smells Horsey

Kelly at EveryRider

Mystery Lady at Strawberry Lane

Enjoy your award, you all deserve it!

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