Sunday, June 11, 2017

Summer Vacation?

"Blue" loving his new muzzle...not so much!

There is nothing new happening here on the farm.  So I haven’t much to report on.  The horses are all doing well and have worked it out as a herd without a leader.  No one has emerged to take over Mellon’s role as far as I can tell.  They all seem to know how to take care of themselves at this stage of their lives.  I’ve noticed that they stay closer together instead of spreading out too far from each other, though I'm not sure if that means anything.  

I most likely won’t be posting much for the rest of the month.  My two granddaughter’s will be staying with me for a while and I’m looking forward to that. There is always so much more to do in summer around the farm too.  I really despise weeds, they seem to be taking over the arenas so there is lots of dragging to be done.  Then there are flowers still to be planted and a thousand other maintenance jobs.  The work never ends.

"Nikita" settled right in to the routine

"Ginger" my co-pilot
Ginger and Nikita are getting along much better and have fun romping and playing most of the day.  They keep each other busy but it does seem like there's more than just two of them.  Especially, when they're underfoot all day and I'm constantly stepping over them or around them.  It's worked out for the best having another pooch in the house.

Stay cool and enjoy your rides.  I’ll be back when I can.

Until next time

I really like this quote. I may just have to follow the old boys thinking on this one!

Quote for Today
“There is no pleasure in having nothing to do; the fun is having lots to do and not doing it.”
― Andrew Jackson


  1. Join the club for never ending workers! We know the feeling. Our granddaughters have spent many summers with us...always such a great time. Enjoy!!! Nice that the horses are doing well. The dogs too!

  2. A herd without a leader, that is interesting and unusual, but I get it. When Red and Shadow died, there was a vacancy and a sadness. When we brought Foxy in, she rejuvenated the herd and put it back in order. She acted like she knew her place from the 1st minute, and they did, too. Oh, you are so lucky to have your granddaughters! I'm jealous. I miss mine so much, but they're having a busy summer helping the family move to a new home and it's further away from us. :(

  3. Enjoy your granddaughters visit! :)

  4. I can't wait to have grandkids, going to spoil them rotten! *evil chuckle* Glad to hear the herd are sorting themselves out; interesting that they're staying closer together. And glad to see Blue hasn't managed to get the better of the muzzle :)
    Ginger and Nikita just keep getting cuter!! Wouldn't mind a co-pilot like that.
    Enjoy your summer and take time for you too xx

  5. Enjoy your month and visit with the grandkids - I bet it will be a blast for all of you! And look at those gorgeous dogs - we are happy with two again as well, and Baloo is at my heels 80% of the day. I have almost gotten used to feeling for him with my feet before trying to take a step in any direction! Glad the horses are taking care of themselves. It may be nice to be without - ahem - leadership for awhile. :)

  6. Weeds are my nemesis. Cannot stay ahead of them, but I keep trying year after year! Glad you are off to a good start on the farm this summer!! Enjoy making special memories with your granddaughters!! Do they enjoy your horses? Your dogs look like lovable cuties!! We have a dog obstacle at our house too, they don't want to miss a step/thing!!

  7. Enjoy your summer with the girls; if you're anything like me, raising their parent went by all too quickly.


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