Wednesday, February 1, 2017

The Geese Problem

" Canadian Geese "

I recently noticed our pond has become home to a rather large crowd of Canadian Geese.  We’ve definitely had bigger crowds in previous years.  I took a picture of the crowd anyway and I might not have had the correct recording media to capture all the geese that were present.  There could be alternative facts at play here.  There could have been a tremendous amount of geese that I didn’t see.  Maybe they were on the roof of the indoor or barn but even if they weren’t seen by me they may have been lurking somewhere lending their support to the geese in the pond. 

On the other hand they may have been down cleaning out the swamp behind the farm of any edible food. Or perhaps they were ravaging the countryside making themselves fat off other people’s properties. One thing is certain though; the geese I was able to photograph are definitely a drain on the peaceful pond life here at the farm.  They not only squawk constantly but they seem to think they are entitled to just swoop in and make themselves at home.  Their attitude seems to be I’m here so what are you going to do about it. To add to all this they poop all over the good things we have at the farm. We need to keep a constant vigil of where we step so we don’t get poop stuck in our soles.

I’d like to find a way to rid myself of these deplorable birds but I see no solution.  My pussycat is no help.  Ever since I bought her that new winter outfit, complete with pink hat, the pussycat is nowhere to be found.  I have a hunch she’s parading around town showing it off.  Oh well, might be the answer to the geese problem is to build a border wall between Canada and us.  I’m sure the Canadians wouldn’t mind paying for it!

Quote for Today
Who are you going to believe me or your lying eyes?
Groucho Marx


  1. I know it sounds completely ridiculous, but I know people that put out cutouts/signs that were shaped like coyotes, that worked.

  2. A - you are a hoot! A sense of humor is an integral survival skill these days... :D

    My experience with Canada geese is you just have to wait them out. Besides being non-stop squishy poo machines, they parade their rather large families through the middle of town all summer long, stopping traffic. I love it personally, but it irritates the tar out of tourists, who tend to be in such a major hurry to relax and enjoy themselves.

  3. Your pond looks pretty big, but one thing that can work is strands of wire strung across the water. Here is a link to a good brochure for geese control. I understand border collies can do a good job too. Don't know how the coyote or dog silhouettes work but I do know you need to move them often. Very frustrating problem, especially since you also have to consider the safety of the horses when planning any deterrent.

  4. We have lots of geese taking up residence at our place as well. I kind of like them -- except for the poop that is everywhere.

  5. :) Oh my goodness, I got a good laugh out of your precarious predicament!! And so very timely too...

  6. billie

    Laughing out loud - you are hilarious! :)

    Would you like the coyotes howling around November Hill? Maybe I can deport them to you. (Ugh - that part made me stop laughing)

    1. Sorry billie but I accidentally deleted your comment on my iPad and couldn't get it back so I had to copy and paste it. And no I wouldn't like the coyotes from November Hill, we have enough of our own and foxes too and bears etc.! ;)

  7. You have done a tremendous job with this post! It is the greatest, but that's probably because you are so brilliant and can do things so much better than the rest of us! If you were a man, I would have to call you a dude! Was sorry to hear that your daughter found all those investments you had hidden all over the world. Lucky for her, she has the same philosophy as the rest of the family and will have to force herself to continue living the high life. Forget the geese...although they might provide good subject matter for a reality show. Tell them they have to leave if they are not from the US. Call your congressperson and ask for help. This post of yours needs to go viral.

  8. ;) Funny. In seriousness, I'm not a fan of their poop, but I sure love Canada Geese. I wish I could wall them in! Whenever I see a flock, I run out of my house to stand under them. Sometimes, they stay for a while in the melting snow ponds in front of our house. It only affects the farmer's field, and not our pasture, so it works out well.


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