Friday, December 30, 2016


Happy New Year

In the New Year,
we wish you the best year you’ve ever had,
and that each New Year
will be better than the last.
May you realize your fondest dreams
and take time to recognize and enjoy the blessings of
each and every day.

As we jump into a new year I like to think
of all the possibilities open to us all.
No bothersome resolutions to keep. The simple act
of being the best we can be will be 
good enough for me.
I've always liked this quote:
It's never too 
late to be
what you might 
have been.

George Eliot


  1. And to you and yours! Love the photo and the words.

  2. What a great photo to illustrate the change in years. Happy New Year to you too. I love the quote from George Eliot.

  3. Happy New Year to you, your family and all your beautiful critters. And may you all stay healthy!

  4. Happy New Year & Best for 2017 Grey Horse!
    I love the image you used too; goes great with the poem.

  5. Beautifully said, GHM :) And great quote, one to remember! Wishing you and all your family a very happy new year, and all the best for a wonderful 2017 xx

  6. Love this post! All the best from our farm to yours - Happy New Year!! (((❤️❤️❤️)))

  7. Happy New Year!! You have a great outlook on life, thanks for sharing it with us!

  8. So true! Happy New Year--here's to being all we can be or dreamed of being!

  9. Hi Arlene, thanks for your comment about Cinny. I'm so sorry for your losses these past two years, would you believe I had missed Dusty's death? I've been dipping in and out of my favourite blogs for the last year or so, and that was a post I missed. You've had a tough couple of years, it's difficult with an ageing herd (dogs included). I hope you have no more losses for a long, long time. Happy New year to you and your daughter x

  10. Thank you. I wish the same for you and yours! I really like that quote too. I don't really believe in making resolutions either...prefer your way of thinking. Cheers!


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